It’s important for me as a creative to make sure I’m consuming good quality creations… not just a mindless scroll of blabbering. Here’s my scrapbook of all the things that have fed my eyes, heart, brain & soul lately. I usually collect all the things that inspire me in my art journal… consider this my digital version!

Filled with things I’ve read, things I’ve beauty, things I’ve watched…

Get yourself a big ole cup of tea… this is a long one!

This really tickled my fancy: a photographer recreating a famous painting.

This gorgeous art journal. Spacious & colourful all at once!

I adore Jennifer’s handstitched cardigan… mending turned into art!

Sana Javeri Kadri’s stunning, colourful home.

How to use a commonplace book.

Adore this artwork by Paul Davis.

Jennifer Orken Lewis’ trip to Spain… oof, SO inspiring!

Beauty from Camilla Engman.

Mary Ann Moss’ winter sketchbooks.

This image from Grant Snider made me pause. Also loved these comics: Constructing My Identity, Unfocussed and Emotional Tetris.

Always love Addison Wonderland’s interior designs

These comics on ageing are just perfect.

“The War Department thought it was important for Americans to understand the tactics fascists would use to take power in the United States. They would try to gain power “under the guise of ‘super-patriotism’ and ‘super-Americanism.”

I need freedom above all else. I can’t do things any other way. I have to feel free enough to say, ‘I want to do it like that.’

And lastly, three goodies from Swiss Miss, the curator of all things glorious:

Ru Paul’s home tour is so delicious – fun and colourful!

This music video defies easy description. It’s one of the most powerful things I’ve seen in a long time.

My little family just finished watching season 1 of American Born Chinese, and we ALL adored it. A fascinating combination of teen drama, fantasy and martial arts… entwined with mythology, religion and racism. Another one that is hard to explain, but holy fuck it was great!

Just watched the movie Red, White & Royal Blue. Totally delicious. I loved reading it as a novel when it first came out a few years ago – along with Casey McQuiston’s other gloriously good queer romance One Last Stop. I am HERE for all my favourite romance novels being made into movies and TV. More of this, please!

Hope these goodies inspire you…

May you create & share your own beautiful work!

Big love,