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Do you guys ever get SO excited that you want to barf?

I do.

It’s just like all the butterflies and light inside me get so thrilled to bits and bouncy that they want to leap out of me in every direction.

But I don’t get excitement diarrhea. Just incase you were wondering.

I won’t barf though. I’ll just write about all the gigantic butterflies inside me + continue to do my “Eye of the Tiger” victory dance around my studio.

I’m thrilled to bits for LOTS of reasons.

And I’m telling ya. Because these kinda butterflies are the contagious kind.

1. Clarity by the metric shit tonne.

This last year has been filled with massive transformation. One that’s been governed by change and growth and leaps of faith. And I’ve only been able to see one stepping stone ahead of me at a time. I’d try and glimpse my path further into the mist, but the future was tightly veiled. So patience, dear Mildred, I did need to have. And faith. Faith by the buttload. Wild lumpings of it. Taking each step at a time, trusting I’d get to where I needed to go. It was definitely like driving in the night, praying and hoping on a miracle I’d get there.

In November, I spent a lot of time emotionally processing and grieving and honouring the huge transformations we underwent so I could come to peace with it. And then slowly, slowly over the past couple of weeks, clarity has been seeping in through the cracks. And then it all started pouring in.

(Incidentally, what helped with this clarity-inducement? Time. Holidays. Inspiring books. Daily meditation of the 100 breaths. Journalling. You know, the usual stuff.)

And all of a sudden, I can see again. I can see twenty steps in front of me, I can see the light all around me. The dawn had risen, and all of a sudden I knew where I was. Who I was. And what I was put here to do again.

I’m so grateful, dearest. Feels SO GOOD.

I’m baaaaaaaack, dearests. Full beam, full light-brights on!

2. A giant, huge idea fell in my lap a few days ago.

One that is bigger than anything I’ve dreamt before. It feels like it could change everything in the most wonderful of ways. So I’m tending to the seed of it, waiting and hoping that it will take root and bloom into a beautiful new thing in my life. Once it’s ready to be brought out into the light, I’ll share. In the meantime, I’m tending to it like the good lil dream gardener that I am. This thrills me beyond bits.

I think you are going to really, really adore what this little seedling brings for you dearest. Whole of heart.

3. Planning Retreat begins in 19 days!

After FIVE months of trying to decide on the right time for our next team planning retreat, it finally became muchos clear (see point #1). A couple of weeks ago, I knew I needed my dear COO Marissa over here for another planning retreat. El pronto. So she’ll be here in 19 days. I’m beyond excited.


Excuse me while I shit my pants with glee.

Here’s the article.

And here’s me + my workbooks running around the room doing our usual “Eye of the Tiger” victory dance.


It’s only the first day of the year and already one of my goals has come true!!!!

One of my workbook goals. About my workbooks being covered by a major website. Tick. DONE!

SO METTA. And rad!


5. Everything is working out.

True story.

On Saturday I posted on Facebookerywookery this:

Just because it scares you, doesn’t mean it’s not the leap you are meant to take. For me today, it’s meant taking a big deep breath + investing a significant amount into my company to help take it even further to more people. I know it will work out beautifully, and yet of course feelings of fear come up. And yet, and yet… it won’t deter me. It won’t make me falter. I have my gaze set firmly on the vision, my dream in front of me. I will make it happen.

The universe rewards leaps of faith, you know.

Sometimes it takes a wee while. A few months.

Sometimes it takes just a few days.

After I posted that, everything came rushing in.

All the goodness I’d put out. All the little miracles I needed to make happen.

When you keep taking steps to put yourself out there. When you unconditionally move in the direction of your dreams – even when you don’t know the way, even when you can’t see the next stage – even when it’s scary – the universe rewards that kind of love and passion.

I’m sending you giant washes of love, hope and optimism, dearest. Can you feel it?

With all that I am,

P.S. This year 10 000 women are going to be creating their own incredible lives and businesses. Will you be one of them?