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Hey possum blossoms,

THRILLED to tell you all about a new summit that’s just gone live!

The goal for the Soulful Sales Summit is a pretty unique one!

It’s specifically designed for and aimed at thoughtful course creators. Each and every presentation is targeted towards what matters to us: our feelings, the feelings of others, the integrity of our offers and the way we market them.

Honestly it makes me tear up a bit. It’s exactly how I try to run my biz: authentically & transparently!

Selling and filling up your offers isn’t always easy as a heart-led course creator.

Especially as someone who doesn’t vibe with more mainstream, typical marketing advice (bleugh). You’re probably already selling your offers (it’s a business requirement, after all), but you know there’s got to be an easier way to sell like you. 

For 4 days, from October 17th-20th, Ruth Poundwhite, sales & mindset coach and author of the book Quietly Ambitious, is bringing you presentations from 30+ industry experts who have found ways to sell effectively in alignment with their personalities. You’ll hear about everything from selling more with less time and energy, to laid-back launching, feeling safe to sell and more.

What am I going to be talking about, I hear you ask?

I’m going to be delving into how I’ve sold over $13 million in 10 hours a week.

Each day’s presentation categories will be available to you for 24 hours, but you can also get lifetime access (along with some other amazing bonuses) by grabbing the Sales Booster Bundle Upgrade.

What other topics are being presented?

Omg babes, there’s a cornucopia of presentations, strap in!

  • Momentum-Building Sales Systems by my biz bestie Lizzy Goddard
  • Crafting a High-Converting Sales Page for Your Online Course by the fabulous Jeanette Spencer
  • 4 Things You Need to Know About Your Ideal Client to Make Selling Easier by the brilliant Lucille Roache
  • and LITERALLY so many more!!!

And did I mention the daily themes?

Daily themes covering all aspects of selling as a heart-led course creator:

  • Day 1 is about Practical Strategies for Fun & Easeful Sales
  • Day 2 is about Knowing & Trusting Yourself to Sell Your Way
  • Day 3 is about Soulful Selling Techniques
  • Day 4 is about Believing in Yourself & the Value of Your Offer

The best part? It’s totally free! 

I could talk about this summit for HOURS, I tell you! It’s gonna be absolutely brilliant, so grab your FREE ticket today!

Big love,