Hi loves!

I have a delightful interview to share with you today!

I sat down with the beautiful Bree Boucher of the Systems, Strategy + Soul Podcast to chat all things systems and strategies I use in my business to work less and earn more.

Bree described the episode best:

In this episode of The SSS Podcast I chat to OG online entrepreneur Leonie Dawson about the systems and strategies she uses in their business. As a neurodivergent introvert, Leonie has made it their priority (and profitability) to be guided by the importance of setting boundaries in business. Listen as Leonie shares with us the lessons of how she has created a business that works for their strengths and weaknesses, and why she doesn’t really pay any attention to what anyone else is doing.

We also chat about:

🚀 how the 80/20 rule can help you make better business decisions

🚀 how to overcome the challenges of building a team

🚀 what Leonie’s favourite systems are and how she uses them

🚀 how launching her courses affects their time

🚀 what drew Leonie to setting up their business in this particular way

Ready to listen?

Just click HERE or press play below!

I absolutely love sharing all the behind the scenes of my biz with you all. I hope you enjoy listening to this as much as we enjoyed recording it!

To your shining success,