Gorgeous ones!

I wanted to share with you inside looks at each of our products for the 2017 goals planner collection!

This is the original and the most popular product in the collection… everything else was born from this!

I made myself a life goals planner in the summer of December 2009. I was 6 months pregnant, and I knew my life was about to change.

And honestly? I was feeling pretty terrified. I felt like I was on a train I couldn’t get off.

And so I spent three days over Christmas painting and writing myself a book… to give myself the gift of goals… of a reminder of my dreams to come back to when I lost myself. It was like painting myself a life raft when I was lost at sea.

I was right about the train that was coming… the transition into motherhood, the subsequent fall into Post Natal Depression and the separation of my parents left me reeling and breathless. I barely knew who I was anymore.

But there was this book. This workbook I’d created for myself, of my goals and my dreams and who I was.

I clung to it, and put together back my life, piece by piece. It was the map for me when things fell apart, the operating instructions of my soul.

I didn’t have an office back then – we lived in a tiny one bedroom cottage that was overflowing already with my stay-at-home husband, our baby girl and our two dogs. So I had a canvas bag I called “My Office” and I would take it with me everywhere. I’d traipse across the paddock over to the main street of the small town we were living in. I’d hunt for an open cafe, or I’d sit in the library with the water-stained roof from the latest cyclone, or I’d go work up the top of the enormous fig tree in the local park (usually filled with kissing and smoking teenagers and on one memorable occasion, a snake). “My Office” bag had two things – my laptop (a Macbook Pro with a Pocahontas artwork skin on it) and a binder with my workbook in it.

I decided this was the way I would undertake my own soul recovery… through creating and sharing, here on my blog, and in the Academy (then known as the Goddess Circle)… and by staying close and true to my goals scribed in my workbook.

It did get better, in time.

The big waves subsided. Counselling and medication helped. And my well-loved, dog-eared workbook was there every inch of the way.

You see, these workbooks were never really made for anyone else. When I thought I’d share them online as a printable PDF in December 2009, I had NO idea they would go on to be used by over a quarter of a million people.

But while I was out there, roaming trees and drinking endless pots of tea in cafes until they kicked me out, remembering my soul and my dreams and crafting a life anew with the workbooks… so was countless other women.

They have their own stories of how this workbook changed them, their life, their creativity, their family, their dreams…

Of how the workbooks were their own soul recovery, their own mudmap for a better, braver, brighter life.

But there they were. The first year, there were 1,000 of them.

The next year there were 3,000.

And each year since, these women come back for the next one.

And they wrote in. They shared their stories.

Of using the books to grow and heal. A map for them to find their soul’s path throughout the year.

I offer some of their words to you:

ValerieMiddletonTestimonial Facebook TamelaFawnsTestimonial Facebook Sue_Mcleod_Testimonial Instagram SusanBergerThompsonTestimonial Facebook SP_Testimonial_Facebook SaraAvantStover_Testimonial_Facebook NathalieLussier_Facebook JudithLang_Testimonial_Instagram JaquelinLovein-ZabareTestimonial Facebook HM_Testimonial_Instagram GabriellaFotaraTestimonial Facebook DDT_Testimonial_Facebook CaseyJoRoachTestimonial Facebook CarlyWhiskin_Instagram Barbara-anneNashTestimonial Instagram

And then they tell their friends. They buy them for their friends and family and teenage daughters. They buy them for Christmas, and birthdays, and “just because I love you.”

They tell them – this helped me so much. You must do this. This is the way to begin to dream again.

And then they gather, these women.

In small towns and in big cities across the world… there are women meeting together.

Meeting with tote bags filled with a dog-eared, well-loved workbook that’s given them the gift of their one true, brave, wild, scrumptious life.


They remind each other:

You can do this.

We can do this.

We’re doing this together.

And they do.

They go out, these goddesses, these warriors of their dreams.

And they make their lives happier and healthier. They make deeper relationships, become better mamas, build stronger families. They create wildly and lusciously. They take magnificent adventures. They get softer and stronger all at once. They see what needs to be fixed, and they fix it. They heal themselves first, and they heal the world.

They claim back the mantle of their own creative power to carve their own destiny.

They say: My story will not define me. I will.

They become who they were meant to be.

These women, they know that scribing down your goals and dreams is a sacred act.

It is not a selfish act. It is an act that will (and does) change the world.

In these times, now, more than ever… we need strong, empowered women.

Women who know what they want and how to get it.

We forgot for so long what it was to be this powerful and empowered. It was stripped away from us in the centuries of patriarchal control, of women not being allowed to make their own decisions, or vote, or work outside the home, or travel without a man.

And the world suffered from that. Because we – the women – are the ones that hold the world and all of its children, people and animals in our hearts. We are the nurturers, the creators, the intuitives, the empaths, the sensitives… we are the ones that will change the world for the better.

And we will do it when we remember how to bring our dreams and goals into the world.

The Shining Year workbooks and planners are in loving service to that. To you. To your dreams.

Look through them now to discover…

Who is this workbook for?

Anyone who wants to have their best year yet!

  • Women of all ages
  • Mamas
  • Business women
  • Teenagers & Students!

Yes, we DO have men use and adore the workbooks… they just have to be open to a whoooolllllle lotta rainbow.

Funnily enough, I got the CUTEST message this morning from my mate Tam… her and her hubby Ian have both used the workbooks for years. It’s adorable calling her on Skype – in their shared office there is his + hers Shining Year wallplanners up on the wall beside each other! Anyways, this year hers arrived faster than his… and his finally arrived this morning and he did a happy dance in the kitchen and declared that he was having a fangirl moment. It made me gigglesnort!

What the Life workbook will guide you gently to create:

  • Financial goals
  • Family goals
  • Health & wellness goals
  • Creative goals
  • Your word for the year
  • Your Dream Day
  • Self love + self care
  • What to do when everything sucks!
  • Time management worksheet
  • Oracle Card Reading for your year ahead
  • Bucket List goals
  • Career goals
  • Affirmations for your year
  • Travel and study goals

And as a huge bonus… with every workbook you get a FREE Shining Year wallplanner!


Order your Life workbook today and get a FREE huge 2017 wall planner!

V exciting!

So that, my loves, is the journey of the workbooks.

I still use them to this day…

this was my bed last weekend during my usual weekly retreat:


I was spending my time connecting back in with my 2016 workbooks… always a healing, cathartic and inspiring experience to get back on track!

Someone commented to me “It makes me so happy to see you actually use the workbooks too like the rest of us!”

And I was like “Babes… I made them for me in the very beginning… it’s just luck I thought to even share them!”

My lifeline, my dream incubator, my soul sanctuary… the place where all of this began – my family, our adventures, my business success… all of this was first seeded here.

It just happens that it’s not only me using them.

So many are. And it’s been a deep and dear blessing to see what miracles have been created for them too.

If you haven’t already…

Order your workbooks today. I can’t wait to see what Shining Life you create for yourself in 2017 from using these workbooks.

May all our biggest dreams come true,

Big love,

P.S. And YES! You can order them as Christmas gifts… they really do make the very best gift of all! Order today!


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