Hola my darlingheart,

The other day, I was having some glums.

I don’t know what it was about really. I suspect it was mostly due to the disease my sister diagnosed me with – 5pm-itis. The hour I think everything is suckful and broken. It’s the hour before Starry goes to bed where she gets pretty tired and grumpy, and I get pretty tired and grumpy.

I was still staying out at my parent’s farm, waiting for the day our furniture would arrive.

My love was at our new cottage with the puppies. My mama & sissy were at yoga class together. My dad was still doing Wild Bushman Things around the farm. It was just me and Starry, waiting out 5pm-itis.

Then a little voice inside me said:

Just for a change, listen to your spirit Leonie.

And I grumpily replied:

Like THAT’S going to make a difference. That stuff just DOESN’T work when you’re a mama & have to have ROUTINES & take care of another soul!

And the little voice said:

Just try. There’s nothing to lose just from trying something new. Otherwise you know all you’ll be doing is being grumpy for another hour.


I thought huffily.

I’m so tired of being grumpy every afternoon.

So I listened in.

And my spirit said:

Go to water, and you will be restored.

I thought of water, and I felt myself ache.

Yes, I needed it.

I thought of where I could go.

Walk Starry down the long hill to the river?

I couldn’t remember the way. The grass was long. I felt afraid of snakes.

Drive Starry to the lake nearby?

That would mean driving alone. Ostara usually doesn’t like much driving in cars, especially at night. Especially without me riding beside her. I couldn’t bare the thought of even that five minute drive with her crying.

I weighed up the two options.

The Lake and The Drive.

The River and The Snakes.

I decided to drive.

Angels, please help us have a happy drive,

I prayed as I loaded Starry into the car with a gazillion toys & crinkly food wrappers (her new favourite thing).

We drove into the sunset, and for the whole five minute drive, she was as quiet as a mouse.

Thank you Angels,

I breathed.

We drove over the mountain range, past Crystalbrook Retreat, to Lake Proserpine.

The sun was hanging low over the lake.

I hold Ostara on my hip as I walk down to the water’s edge. I submerge my ankles in, and begin bathing us both.

The sight of Roma Peak across the lake, made my spirits glow. She is the shape of a pyramid, blazing white – the core of an ancient volcano. I know there is lightwork to do with Roma Peak soon. She tells me she is The Lady. I feel she could send love right from the centre of the earth out into the world.

With each wash of the lake, I ask for us both to be cleansed, cleaned and made whole again. To be replenished and restored. To be washed anew.

I am reminded of the Varanasi ghats, the people washing in the Holy River Ganges. This here is my own sacred river, my own private ghats.

The light and water drips golden.

Everything is a blessing.

As I walk back to the car, I see the mountain behind our jeep is alive with energy. Ready to do lightwork too. I grin a small grin to myself.

Thank you Mama Earth. Thank you Angels. Thank you Great Spirit.

(P.S. This car of ours? Was on a dreamboard of mine years ago. It was also on my Things To Do This Life List. Totally came true!)

We drive home, soft and rested.

We sit on the earth in front of the farmhouse to watch the final rays of the sunset turn to aubergine dusk.

The farmdogs waggle around us.

We plant our feet into the grass and sticks and dirt.

We look up, and over us there is Grandmother Moon.

I hold my hand skyward to receive a moon blessing and healing for the two of us.

I feel my energy begin to glow again.

We laugh and kiss and gurgle.

Everything is right again.

Whole and holy.

May I just remember this, over and over again:

When in the glums, listen to my spirit.

When I need healing, turn to Mama Earth.

There is magic here, my dearest friend.

I love you. Thank you for everything,

* * *

||| Goddess Circle begins September 1 |||