Hola gorgeous goddesses!

Just a quick-liscious post today… it’s been a busy and glorious day already… it’s 8pm, I’ve got an artwork to lavish love & rainbows & crystals on… then a compulsory snuggle-up with my love to watch Eli Stone.

First things first :: Beauty-Full
Has anyone told you that you are beautiful today? No? Shocking! You totally, utterly, deeply are.

Second things secondly :: Creative Goddesses Alert!
I just sent out an email to all the enrolled Creative Goddesses. Did you get yours? If no, email me sweetpea!

Third things thirdly :: Faith has magic.
Okay, so yesterday I talked about my latest fascination with Faith – of the George Michael variety, Eli Stone variety & Faith in the Journey variety. Today, at my cubicle-filled-with-crazy-cool-sweet-friends-job, I told them about the whole Faith thing. And then one of them started humming it. And then we started singing it. And then one of the boys found it on his iPod and played it for us. And then, before we even knew it, a full on Faith-crazy-dance was had in the cubicle. And it was hilarious and wonderful and surprising and magnificent. Faith has magic.

Four things fourthly :: Nine days to go!

The Creative Goddess e-Course & Circle begins January 15. Weeee! Are you wanting to be a part of the six magic, creative, inspiring weeks? Here’s some options:
1. Enrol before January 15 by going to this page
2. If you’ve got fears, concerns, stuckness about joining email me. And we’ll have a soul-spa bath around them.
{Of course, if the e-Course isn’t calling you for right now, this doesn’t apply to you dearheart :)}

Five things fifthly :: Joy eLetter
I just sent out a Joy eLetter to my mailing list goddesses. A Joy eLetter that’s mostly about buffaloes. Because I heart buffaloes. Are you on the mailing list? You can sign up here:



Oklah! I am off into the evening sky my loves… more glorious goddess joys to come tomorrow!

Big love,

Nine days to go until I sweep you off your feet with creativity, magic, inspiration and joy. Helllooo Creative Goddess e-Course and Circle!