Hola my gorgeous goddess sisters,

Once upon a time,
three years ago,
my love and me,
and my mama and two sisters,
went and did something wild and magnificent.
Something I had wanted to do all my life.
Something from my Things To Do This Life List.

We went to India.

We travelled around India for a month.
My favourite place was a tiny medieval village called Chanderi.
It was quiet and filled with cobblestone streets and surrounded by old, abandoned castles and forts on every hill.
When we walked at night, you could hear the growls of big cats in the surrounding jungle.
It was wild and magnificent and out of place and otherworldly.

It was there I met her.
The girl with those intense, black lionesses’ eyes.
I only met her for a moment,
but she stayed with me.
I kept dreaming of her.
I wanted her to be my daughter.
I wanted to protect her and love her and help her life be good and blessed and holy.

I didn’t know what to do to help her.

Then I was contacted by the lovely Tara Sophia, asking me to be a part of the Girl Effect Blogging Campaign.

And I watched the video:

And I remembered that beautiful girl goddess I met on that street.

It reminded me that we goddesses CAN change the world.

We are the ones to change it.

We are the ones to heal ourselves.

We are the ones to help each other.

It reminded me that any way that we can help is good and brave and holy.

Little by little. Step by step. Heart beat by heart beat.

It’s easy to become overwhelmed. I have a year-pass to Overwhelm World.

I just have to keep reminding myself:

You have choices

It doesn’t matter how you feel called to help.

I can donate directly to Girl Effect.

I can buy Christmas gifts through Oxfam.

I can become an angel investor & give micro-loans to businesses in third world countries through Kiva. (This is my favourite way of doing it!)

If you feel called to join me in helping goddess sisters all around ze world, that would be beautiful.

As ever,

you, just being you,

is such a blessing in this world.

All my love,