Hello my darlinghearts!

I’m so over the mooooooon excited about this… jumping with jubilant juicy jamtart joy!

I’ll be interviewing ze one, ze only, ze Queen Mother of Rainbows, SARK! here in a few weeks to attempt to talk more about the gifts of her incredible new book that is being released THIS WEEK.

What would YOU like to ask her?

After our last attempt at an interview with resulted in giggling furiously about vibrators and butlers, I can’t promise we’ll stay on topic… but we will give it a go.

SARK to me is a soul lighthouse – shining her light for others to find their way, & find their own light. I am honoured to call her my friend. And I think it is ridunkulously dreamtastic that my darling Charlie the Happy Healer Puppy has graced the pages of two of her books (my dog is way more famous than me).

I can’t wait to read her new book… it’s floating across the ocean to me as we speak!

I am so, so, so grateful that she is turning her lightbeam to illuminate the gladnesses that can be found in grief. Dearest Susan has walked the grief journey in the only way she can. With a full heart, open spirit & profound honesty about both the sadness and gladness in grief. Since my brother died, I’ve come to see how many blessings & deep joy can be found in death & grief. My relationship with his is deeper, more loving & more profound than ever. Everything got stripped away to what was really true: endless love.

*Happy, happy sigh*

So my darlinghearts… we have an explosion of SARK Love coming…

What would YOU like to ask SARK?

I love you I love you I looooove youuuuuuuuu,