My darling heart,

Notes & thoughts on surviving the suck of the worst year of my life.

There’s always enough time. It will all work out.

Things can heal. Even the things that are broken.

Don’t get too hot headed.

Stay focussed on where you want to be.

Think like a 90 year old. I think what my grandmother would say.

Just remember: birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day? They are still just days. Don’t expect them to be perfect. Too much pressure. Do what you can, and be gentle.

Be gentle with yourself. Make it your default centre. “How can I be more easy on myself right now? What’s the easiest route?”

Space clear often.

Accept that people are both a blend of their most human selves & divine selves. They fuck up often. So do we.

Remember some days will suck all of their own accord. Sit, be gentle, take the easy way out.

There are some things you can fix. Some things you can’t. Some things you’re not meant to. And everything’s going to be okay anyway.

Never doubt that chasing silly goals can inject a whole lot of joy into your life.

Art can heal your soul.

You can make art with kids & not go insane.

Plod. Plod. Plod.

Be your own mama. Give yourself what you need wherever you can by hook or by crook.

Be inventive. Find ways for everyone’s needs to be met.

Give up on perfect.

Give yourself permission.

Forget what everyone else is saying and doing. Find your own gentle rhythm and plan, hopes and dreams. Remember who you are.

Know that you can heal. Gently gently, one step at a time. Give yourself healing support.

Know that you can change the world.

Know that the dawn is coming.

Have Peace.

Have Faith.

Have Grace.

As much as you can from wherever you are.

Hope is around the corner.

Good things are coming.

Just believe, baby girl.

love, love, love,