Good moooorning gorgeous Goddesses!

It’s Friday… and not just that – it’s gooooooood Friday. Extra excited! Any day that’s already named Good is gunna be awesome in my books.

So today is Friday… our happy new day for checking in & sharing about our journeys on this amazing Goddess Journey we are on… where our week has taken us, what blessings we’ve been gifted, what challenges we have faced, what lessons we have learned… and what we need right now.

Let’s cosy up on a big purple couch with large mugs of tea, and connect-in and share about our journeys this week.

As always, you can share if you’re called in the Comments Circle.

I’ll start with the challengy bits. The things which are harder to embrace, understand or love. I’m sure they are there for a really big reason, and that I’ll learn the most from them, but sometimes they just feel a bit hard. And challenging. Funny that!

Trying not to dive in. Trying not to hold back.

I’ve been really, really careful with my too-scarce energy lately. It’s been good to learn discernment & conscious energy expenditure. This week my energy has started coming back even more. And I find myself wanting to jump back on the same path I was on before – running to meet my goals, sharing, creating, succeeding, giving. And those are all beautiful things – but they need to be in balance with stillness, quietness, holding back, self-gentleness and retreat.

What strikes me as really, really interesting about those words is the title is “Trying not to hold back” – and yet holding back is part of the key. Holding some of my space, energy, time, love and ideas just for me. I’m reminded of riding my horse through the paddocks at home, and my darling horse wanting to run flat out. I’d lean forward in my stirrups, pull softly back on the reins, duck my head close to his ears and whisper “Darling, not yet. Just hold back for now, just stay in this gentle canter. Now is not the time.” (And yes, that’s how I speak to Rebble. He knows all my secrets, that sweet chestnut).

I think I need to say the same words to me right now.

And just because…

Just because I’m thinking of my beautiful Rebble, here’s a photo of us in all our glory. Me at 12 all short-haired and wild-pixie-girl, Rebble at Divine-Horse-Best-Friend-Ever.

This lesson of balance is a big one – it’s revolutionising my pattern of GO.STOP.GO.STOP. I’m learning to be less like a hare, and more like my beloved buffalo. Buffalos reserve their energy for the really important things, and they store a big piece of it inside (in their shoulders) to sustain themselves. They can travel the long distances because they don’t waste their energy on running in a hundred different directions, and they maintain their own energy reserve.

There’s so much to learn from animals. So much to learn from all the beauty & the challenges around us.

The Not Knowing

Right now, I’m not sure if we’ll live in the south permanently, or move back north to our homelands. I’m not sure when we’ll get married, or when we’ll have kids. I’m not sure where we’ll be living in a year – if it’s here, there or elsewhere.

And that not knowing can be a bit booooo! sometimes. Sometimes I want to be pregnant right now. Sometimes I want to be living on the farm again. Sometimes I don’t like living in the suburbs at all. Sometimes I’m completely comfortable with the now.

But I’m just Trusting that whatever we need to know will come when it comes. That we’ll know when it’s the right time what to do, where to move and how to be. And that right now just isn’t the time for that – it’s time for resting and loving and kindness and incubating. Just trusting that where we are is where we need to be right now.

Time to share our blessings. There are always, always blessings.

A new website! Hoooo-rah!

It’s finiiiiiished! It’s fiiiinnnnniiiiiiished! The website of my dreams! The website-design I wanted when I first dreamed up! After six months, one missing designer and the entrance of my super-hero-designer & goddess sister Sone, I now have the design I want. It makes me silly-happy to look at it. I hope you feel the same way. (If you’re reading this in an RSS reader, you need to come over & play by clicking here.)

I wanted a place that sung with colour – that anyone (i.e. me) could come here, and be healed just by looking at the colours, without even needing to read any of the words. I wanted a place that looked like me & my little dreamworld of art & rainbows & beauty & love & spirit & possibilities. So, if you find any problems on the site, do let me know dearheart.


The FFT: Friend & Family Fun Times

I heart FFT. There’s just something about being with people you love, people who make you laugh & people you feel at home with.

Yesterday was a crazy fun BBQ with my cubicle-job work mates in the warm autumn sunshine. And I decided it was time to do something out-of-Leonie’s-world new, and learn how to kick a football. Dude. This is a major achievement for a formerly “Sports: Don’t Do It” kinda chick like me. And I don’t want anyone to quote me on this, but it was really, really fun kicking that ball. And now my butt cheek hurts, in a I-extended-my-butt-muscle-and-fun-factor kinda way.

We followed it up with a really love-ly night with my extended in-laws. My in-laws put the awesome-sauce in In-Law Pie. Excuse me while I gorge myself on delicious food and sweet people.

The Creative Spark Kit

This last week was the launch of the Creative Spark Kit. I’m just so hap-hap-happy to have been a part of it, and think Jamie (the Kit Creator and Muse) is beyoootiful. It’s just so deeply inspiring to see creations being made and shared that will help even more people share their precious creations too. *happy sigh*

Creative Goddess Project

It’s been so, so gorgeous to start the Goddess projects here. It will be so wonderful to have them as a more regular thing! And a little update – if you didn’t get time over these past few days to get into your Creative Goddess New Year’s Project, we’ll connect about it again on Sunday! Hurrah! So there’s still time to create and immerse yourself in the beautiful energy. Yay! 🙂

Passing the Talking Stick

So that’s been my wild, wonderful, precious week on the Goddess journey. As always, feel free to take the talking stick & share about yours in the Comments Circle (which is now called the Comments Circle, thanks to the lovely Sone!)

You are so loved, possum,

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