Yay! Our new tradition! A monthly review! You can read April & May’s here, and June’s here.

I’ll cover:

  • life blessings & challenges
  • what I’ve created
  • how much my business earned
  • my goals for next month.

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This will be a wee bit shorter this month…

I’ll just dot point most of it instead of going into huge amounts of detail. I’m writing this while back in lockdown again doing online schooling with my kids, so I am spread a wee bit thin. But I still wanted to get this done!

My goals for July that I set last month:

  • getting kids settled back into school & their 3 x new extra-curriculars – DONE.
  • continuing our reading intensive – DONE
  • finish reading Famous Five novel to kids – DONE. We also read Lauren Child’s illustrated version of Mary Poppins.
  • on the work front… it’s more about circling back around after another big launch, catching up on daily blogging & seeing what wants to be created next! – DONE! I feel like I’m all caught up! 

Here’s what happened in July:

  • Started the month in a snap 3 day lockdown while Queensland eradicated COVID-19 again after it bubbled up
  • Tried out Getting Things Done system (post here, here and here)
  • Made a Book Bag for the car
  • Had picnic with friends at the river
  • Tried adhesive tiles as a quick DIY project:
  • My big kid had her first playdate without me… and then a couple of weeks later went to the movies & a birthday party without me!!!! SO BIG!
  • Encouraged my kid to start a book club with one of her besties
  • My kids did a horse workshop with one of my big kid’s besties
  • Did a roadtrip to visit Chris’ parents
  • Started renovating an old bookshelf that was sitting in our garage covered in bird shit
  • Started making smoothie bowls a habit I’d like to do more!
  • Made a lot of apple tarts and egg & bacon pastry tarts for the kids’ school lunches (but we would end up eating half of them at home because they were so tasty)
  • Found a handyman to quote us to fix up my leaking office
  • Had some invasive fig trees removed from the back of our acreage (they are now classed as a weed in our shire)
  • Went on quite a few bushwalks – a habit I’d also like to do more. Especially when I get to walk behind an acreage with a mob of chooks that run to me like I am The Great Chicken Mother.
  • Started using Noom – still undecided if I’ll become an addict or not
  • Finished Tara Brach’s “Awaken Your Heart, Creativity & Wisdom” program. I find I have a more peaceful week if I study a Buddhist course on the weekend.
  • Got my art journal back after it’s been all around New Zealand and Australia being drawn in by friends. What a treat!
  • And just to round things off… finished the month in a snap lockdown while Queensland pushes to eradicate a bubble up of COVID-19 again. Also: to be VERY clear, I am supportive of lockdowns, vaccines & science. You know what I’m NOT supportive of? Wilfully putting other people’s lives at risk, and conspiracy theories. #highfives


A quieter month this month, as I wanted. I didn’t launch anything, didn’t do much of anything new, and was ready to pause for a bit to get organised, slow down a wee bit, catch up on blogging and prep for the next thing.

How Much I Earned In July:

It was a quieter month in July after three months of going over $100,000 – which is totally groovy and to be expected. Here’s what I sold through Kajabi in July, much of it piled as last minute enrolments in Marketing without Social Media:

We earned just over $10,500 in other business income streams – this doesn’t include our personal investments. (I go into more detail about my personal investments & all my income streams in Money, Manifesting & Multiple Streams of Income incase you are wondering.)

So all up, about $58,000 for the month. Pretty amazing for a “slow” month where I didn’t do much. I used to earn that amount per YEAR when I worked an office job.

Also! Check out that all time income above through Kajabi! I got sent a video card congratulating me AND a fancy Kajabi jacket when I hit over $1 million in sales through them. Little known fact: I FUCKING LOVE SWAG. I love free shit! I love nerdy boi tech shirts! It’s my style statement! I’m not even kidding. 

Here’s a bunch of blog posts I wrote last month (that I haven’t already linked above):

Goals for August

We are now in another lockdown which will likely be extended. That means I need to reshape my priorities and lower my expectations.

Here’s my biggest goals:

  • Help my kids get through their online schooling
  • Keep the energy up with our reading intensive program
  • Stay sane, gentle and happy with good self care.

If I can manage those, here’s some reach goals:

  • Finish promoting next live round of 40 Days To Create & Sell Your E-Course
  • Finish new workbook editions
  • Take X course for self study
  • Start Project 10% (it’s an idea I had… if it’s successful I’ll do a full debrief about it!)
  • Read “Atomic Habits”
  • Study more Noom.

We’ve got this, my treasures. We can do the big and the hard.


All My Love,


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