(Our weekly box of organic veges this morning + me at the ocean a couple of months ago…)

Hola gorgeous hearts,

For so many years, I felt like I lived like I was a brain + soul who just happened to have a body attached. A body that for the most part, I ordered around + ignored.

It never really felt radiant. And I never really stopped to think that what I ate could heal me. I was resisting, big time.

Why was I resisting health?

I was too busy resisting being a “good girl”. I resisted all the years I’d been yelled at about eating my greens when I was a kid (I think I must have associated greens = being controlled). I resisted the years in boarding school when I didn’t get a real choice as to what I ate (overcooked slop #1 or overcooked slop #2?)

There’s so much pain around food. So many unheard emotions. So much memories of being controlled as a kid. Of not being respected, of not getting a choice. And on an energetic level, needing extra comfort, needing a buffer for all that felt hard in my life.

I resisted exercise because I didn’t like being pushed. I didn’t like the fact that sports at school were hard and fast when I’m a much more chilled out bean. I didn’t like that my head held a magnetic appeal for every kind of ball around.

Not to mention, I had no idea WHICH FOODS made me feel good.

In the family + culture I was brought up in, it meant a LOT of wheat, dairy, meat, tasteless vegetables + sugar.

It was only later – much later – that I discovered I was actually intolerant + allergic to many of those things.

When I dropped wheat and gluten, my life felt like a miracle without it.

And eventually I went further and uncovered everything else I was allergic to…

dairy + soy

HEAVENLY. I feel clearer, brighter, with SO much more energy + goodness inside me than ever before.

Raw Radiance

In the meantime I began experimenting with eating more raw (uncooked) foods, after reading so many books + blogs about how incredible people feel after eating in this way.

I did a 10 day total-raw-fest, and was totally amazed at how I felt. I lost extra weight, and my skin felt brighter. I remember staring at my eyes in the mirror noticing how bright blue they were. And that was the first time I noticed that nightly stomach cramps were “normal”. They stopped within a couple of days of eating raw, and that’s when I first cottoned onto the fact that I was eating something that made me sick.

I was convinced that there was something in this whole raw food thang. That it would help people get rid of so many of the foods they were actually intolerant too and didn’t realise it.

I organised my first retreat at the beautiful Ingelara Centre. And I made it a raw food retreat. I figured that while we were doing this mega soul cleansing and rejuvenation, we might as well do it with our bodies as well.

(me & my bestie Sone at that retreat)

(and I can’t NOT share this amazing pic of Sone just before we did an amazing circle ceremony with the women!)

It was a completely amazing retreat… waking up at dawn to hike up the mountain to meditate as the dawn rose… taking on spirit names in the river bed for the retreat weekend… the nightly meditations in the tipi… wandering over the land feeling all the sacred energies + power spots… canoeing out into the middle of the lake with Sone + pretending to draw down the mists of Avalon… there was SO much laughter, SO much deep soul richness, SO many deep lessons + medicine learned.

And as we did it, all these women were detoxing from the food they were eating + suddenly discovering this new way of eating. Even weeks later, I’d be getting messages from them about how changed they were from eating this way, what they had realised they shouldn’t be eating, how they felt now.

It was an extraordinary experience, and I am grateful for it.

I know the shift in life that this way of eating has created for me, and for others.

So I am very honoured to share about it here, and offer the Radiant Goddess program to help more women discover it.

Food can be our medicine. Our healer. Our friend.

It doesn’t have to be our enemy, our pain, our shadow.

It can live in the light, with us. We can find a way of eating that makes every part of us sing. We can find a way of exercising that can make us sing.

It doesn’t have to suck any more. It can be good.

The Top 5 Reasons I Eat The Radiant Goddess Way

1. I don’t feel sick anymore. Tired, lethargic, over-anxious, puffy, sore belly, PMS, cwazy-emotional. All that stopped with this path.

2. As a business owner, I am SMARTER for eating this way. I feel clearer in my head. Brainier. I don’t get 3pm-itis anymore. If I do, I know it can be fixed with pecans.

I remember a particular part in the movie “Fat Sick & Nearly Dead” that really stuck with me. Joe (who the movie is about) is an entrepreneur who has an awful skin condition + heaps of other health issues who cures himself through nutrition – lots of liquedised fruit + vege. And at the end of the film, his assistant says “I’ve never seen him like this. He can make decisions quicker than anyone now. He can see things without being foggy. He’s got so much energy now!”

And that kinda sealed the deal for me. Having this much brain power + clarity created by greens is a definite bonus for me, my productivity, my creativity + my business.

(On an aside: I am a squeeling fan girl of Joe & I think he has a delicious Aussie voice that rivals Crocodile Dundee’s!)

3. I’m less of an emotional mess. Seriously. Food can be SUCH a mood alterer! I know now that you can eat to feel better – you just need to know WHAT to eat!

4. I feel like I was born to be this way. My body a temple. Radiant + shining. Filled with greens, good energy + self love!

Want to Dive Deeper?

I am honoured to have created a program to help other women dive deeply into this healing way of nutrition… a “diet” path that is imbued with love, kindness + radiance.
I’ve had so many emails from women after announcing the Radiant Goddess program… women who had experienced their own health-miracles from eating this way, women who were really grateful there was now a supported, loving way to transition into a gluten-free, high-raw, low-sugar lifestyle, women who knew their body was saying YES to this.

The next Radiant Goddess e-course


Enrol NOW to be a part!

If this is something that is calling you right now, join us.

I wholeheartedly know just how deeply this program has affected and optimised the lives of SO many women on SO many levels. It’s the path of food being our medicine, of our beautiful bodies feeling radiant, of our spirits feeling peaceful and alive.

We so hope you join us in the journey of becoming even more radiant… on every single level!




P.S. If what you are doing right now is working for you, stick with it possum. But if it’s not, why not try something different? From more energy, greater productivity, better moods, a smarter brain and a wildly healthier future… The Radiant Goddess program just might be the best investment you’ll ever make. It’s something I stand by wholeheartedly… my biggest, best offering to you to help you feel as radiant as you were born to be. Enrol before tomorrow – May 1 to be a part!