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I have a pretty dang happy life and incredibly prosperous business. And I would be honoured to help you create the same for you.

I’m a soul-centered teacher, author, entrepreneur, artist, mama, wifey + mentor to the 50,000+ women in my tribe. I live Tasmania, Australia, with my Scorpio soulmate Chris & our two mermaid daughters.

I’m the creator of the Amazing Biz + Life Academy, a beautiful, powerful sanctuary & training program for women wanting to live inspired, creative, prosperous lives and businesses.

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On Trolls, Vulnerability + Speaking Your Truth Anyway

I’m so used to being an open book. I’m so used to being vulnerable. And yet… I don’t feel like I am as much anymore. I used to feel completely safe with sharing things on the internet, ya know? That was before. Before I discovered that some people have so much sadness inside them that […]

Jul 04

Leonie’s Scrapbook! Where I’ve Been! What I’ve Done! The Things I Love!

Party peeps, In the beginning of time, this blog was where it all began. I’ve said it before, and I’ll Read more...

Jul 04

How to Plan a Real Retreat for a Virtual Team

Hey loves! I’ve asked Grant my Chief Operations Officer to write a blog post on how he ran our US team Read more...

Jul 03

How Do I Know What To Do With My Life? How Do I Choose Between My Passions?

Hey love, A question, from the crowd. How do you CHOOSE? What if I have many passions, and many heart-callings? Read more...

Jul 02

7 Day Cwazy Magical Workbook Pre-Order Sale!

Hey loves! If you’re a dedicated workbookaholic (or even just workbook-curious), I’m pretty sure you’re going to shi* your pants Read more...