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Leonie’s Bucket List, 12 Years On…

  Graphic from ye olden days when I first wrote this list! Dearests, Twelve years ago, long before the workbooks were ever born, I decided I needed to start writing my bucket list at the ripe old age of 22. What's a bucket list? "a number of experiences or...

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3 Reasons Why Your Dreams Aren’t Coming True

Not sure what happened here, really. It was hot, and there was a fire burning in me. I told my husband I was headed to the studio for some kid-free creation time. Locked the door, turned the live stream on, pulled the whiteboard round. And out came this... all of...

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FREE EBOOK: How To Start + Run A Workbook Group!

Hola gorgeous ones, Goal setting + accomplishing your biggest hopes and dreams isn't always an easy feat. Life gets in the way. You get sick, work gets hectic, unexpected expenses come up. It's just SO easy to put those goals on the back burner and well, give up. Been...

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Leonie’s Favourite Things From 2016!

Hi lovelies, I wanted to share with you the things I'm really, really, reallllllly glad I invested in last year. I'm not someone who is particularly motivated by STUFF... I don't want to buy useless shit that doesn't add to my life, ya know? I'm not by any means a...

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