Hola! I’m Leonie Dawson. I’m absoloodely deeeeeelighted to meet you!

I have a pretty dang happy life and incredibly prosperous business. And I would be honoured to help you create the same for you.

I’m a soul-centered teacher, author, entrepreneur, artist, mama, wifey + mentor to the 50,000+ women in my tribe. I live in the rainforest in Qld, Australia, with my Scorpio soulmate Chris & our two mermaid daughters.

I’m the creator of the Amazing Biz + Life Academy, a beautiful, powerful sanctuary & training program for women wanting to live inspired, creative, prosperous lives and businesses.

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Wanna double YOUR Biz?

Panda bears, As ya probs know, I’ve doubled (or even tripled!) my business, income, reach and impact each year since starting in business. And I’ve done it all working 15 hours a week because I have two sweet mermaid daughters to make art with and a hunky husbo to perve on and beaches to visit and all that scrumptious life stuff. I’ve learned a metric buttload of the actionable, practical things that make a massive difference in business. And I’m happy to share them with [...]

Jun 03

How To Hand Email Over To A VA

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May 26

Master The Art Of Getting Unstuck & Into Action With These 4 Techniques!

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May 24

Free Poster + Wallpaper: Made with Love, Art + Hand Doodled Proclamations

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May 16

3 Simple But Essential Steps to Starting A Biz You Love

Hola fellow unicorn riders (we loved them before it was hipster cool)! The last couple of weeks, I’ve been talking Read more...