Hola! I’m Leonie Dawson. I’m absoloodely deeeeeelighted to meet you!

I have a pretty dang happy life and incredibly prosperous business. And I would be honoured to help you create the same for you.

I’m a soul-centered teacher, author, entrepreneur, philanthropist, artist, mama, wifey + mentor to the 65,000+ women in my tribe. I live in Tasmania, Australia, with my Scorpio soulmate Chris & our two mermaid daughters.

I’m the creator of the Shining Biz + Life Academy, a beautiful, powerful sanctuary & training program for women wanting to live inspired, creative, prosperous lives and businesses.

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Podcast/Vodcast: The One I Talk About Soul + Work + Body Stuff

Possums, Honestly? I’m getting a bit bored with coming up with witty, succinct, captivating titles that would compel you to listen/watch. If you want to hang out + connect, let’s do that. If not… that’s okay too… have a magical day, yeah? Latest cup of tea deep share here: Watch as a video, listen as […]

Aug 01

The Story Of A Fuck-Up

Saturday afternoon. 5pm. Sky descending into indigo + gold, sun falling behind the white crested mountain. I just had a Read more...

Jul 28

Interviewed! On ABC Radio! Well… FUCK A DUCK!

I got the call while I was in Launceston. ABC Radio. Wanted to interview ME. I text my hunk of Read more...

Jul 28

LATEST ACADEMY RELEASE: Mother’s Meditation + Healing

Hola petals! We as mamas, most of all, need to fill our own wells. We are deprived of nourishment + Read more...

Jul 27

A Prayer For The Fuck-Ups

The older I get, the more I realise how infinitely, utterly, painfully, excruciatingly human I am. The past couple of Read more...