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One of those Z-list internet celebrity wankers.

Homeschooling mama.

Massive swear-bear.

Owner of one glad heart.

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On Leaving…

I came back because of them. Them, the women who have known and loved me for years. Loved me long before I was a mother, long before I was The Leonie Dawson. There’s the one who loved me when I was a teenager, greeting me on my first day of boarding school. I was...

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Falling Off the Cliff of Depression

I fell off a cliff a while ago. It took me by surprise, but maybe the signs had been there for a while. I’d been off medication for six months, my anxiety levels managed. And of course, in doing so, had removed that invisible protection against depression. The one...

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I Just Signed A Publishing Deal!

Treasures, I'm sitting here, on the floor, typing as removalists take all the boxes out of our house, loading it into orange trucks, readying to head up the country to our new beach house. That I get to write this today is perfect. New beginnings aplenty. I’m beyond...

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What I’ve Been Teaching In My Academy

Hi possums! It's been a long while since I updated you on the courses I've created for my Academy members. Latest update was back in November! Even though I've been relatively absent from blogging + social media, I've been full steam ahead with my magical Shining Biz...

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Essential Oils For Libido + Bonky-Bonk Times

Possums! Well, this was a bit of a laugh and giggle snort to produce this webinar. For peeps wanting more bonky bonk feelings + times, these tips are for you.   I hope they bring you MUCH joy. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN WINK WINK NUDGE NUDGE...

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What was it like taking a year off social media?

Hi possums, As you've no doubt noticed, I've taken much of the last year off social media + blogging. My intention originally was to just take a month off because I felt so burnt out, but by the end of the month, I realised it was feeling too good and sweet and right...

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