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I have a pretty dang happy life and incredibly prosperous business. And I want to teach you how to have just the same.

I’m a soul-centered teacher, author, entrepreneur, artist, mama, wifey + mentor to the 50,000+ women in my tribe. I live in the rainforest in Qld, Australia, with my Scorpio soulmate Chris & our two mermaid daughters.

I’m the creator of the Amazing Biz + Life Academy, an incredible sanctuary & training program for women wanting to live inspired, creative, prosperous lives and businesses.

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5 Ridunkulously Simple Ways To Stop Distractions!

Hola love muffins, Oi. Stop checking Facebook, picking your nose, answering emails, wondering what to cook for dinner while you read this. Stop thinking of a hundred million other things. Just do this one thing. Just read. Just be here now. Let’s talk focus. Let’s talk about how to cure yourself of distractions, and get focussed on your real shit. Your big dream. The things you wish to create. Your business. Your book. Your art. Your dream life. Whatever it is you want to birth. [...]

Apr 08

How To Hire Staff When You Want To Do It All Yourself

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Apr 01

How to Be a Conscious Custodian Of Money (It’s Easier Than You Think!)

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Mar 26

How To Stop Under Charging!

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Mar 20

How to Blow Past the Fear of Not Being Good Enough

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