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Is it too late to plan for 2015?

Hola dearests, This is something that comes up every.single.ding.dang.year. As soon as we get past – say – January 6 – peeps start freaking out that they haven’t done their planning for 2015. And they throw up their hands and go: Oh well. I missed the opportunity. Maybe next year. So I want to do this public service announcement::: IS IT TOO LATE TO BEGIN? Is it TOO LATE to plan for 2015? Shouldn’t I have all my resolutions in place on January 1? Let […]

Jan 21

The Great Annual Workbook Giveaway For Non Profit Organisations!

G’day gorgeous ones, Are you a social worker or a part of a non profit organisation? Does your organisation work Read more...

Jan 19

Reality Time: This Is Where I’m Really Filling Out My Goals Workbook This Year!

So babes, I’d really love to show you this super picturesque scene of where I’m filling out my workbooks this Read more...

Jan 16

What’s Working For Me Right Now!

Guys, This is ridiculous and handmade. But I’m impossibly in love with it. And it’s making me laugh and bringing Read more...

Jan 08

Ermagerd! You’re invited! Pyjama productivity partay time!

We’re having a pyjama planning party on Facebook tomorrow… to go through our 2015 goals and dreams. These Facebook parties Read more...