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Million-dollar CEO.

Essential Oil advocate.

Homeschooling Mama.

Ginormous Hippy.

Massive swear-bear.

What I Create…

Shining Biz + Life Academy

120+ biz, life, marketing + creativity courses.

5000+ women trained.

THE training ground to transform your life + business.

Shining Year goals workbooks

The cult hit sensation now used by over 350,000 raving fans worldwide.

Set your goals for life + biz with these gorgeously illustrated workbooks…

and start seeing your dreams come to life!

How to order essential oils

Essential oils have transformed my life – physically, emotionally and spiritually.

You can read more about my journey of falling in love with oils here.

Why start a doTERRA biz?

Wanting to create your own abundant business but not sure doing WHAT?

Or already have a business and want an extra income stream?

doTERRA is a bloody good business model – there’s so many reasons I recommend it!

Latest Blog Posts…

2018 Workbooks Are Here!

Dearest souls, Annnnnnnnnnd they are up. 2018 goals workbooks. Golden and glittering and sparkling. You can now buy the printed books on Amazon: Biz printed workbook: Life printed workbook: If ya love 'em, I'd gratefully...

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What Leonie did next: My Surprise Third Company!

Dearests, So. It's time. I've been meaning to do this for days, weeks, months. Sit down + write you this letter. It's finally happening now. It's early August. Winter sunset is casting sunlight that is golden but otherwise uselessly non-warming. Still, our cherry...

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I’m Pressing Pause On Social Media

Dearests, I’ve decided to continue my social media hiatus - it feels too good and right for me not to. I wanted to share my reasons why + what that will look like. I’ve been online for such a long time - blogging since 2004, social media since 2007, with not much of a...

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Dearests, I'm off on public-facing hiatus for the next wee while. No blogging, no social media, even unpublished my FB page. I'll still be behind the scenes, working with publishers for my workbooks + teaching my Academy members + building my third company. I've loved...

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