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Hi lovelies, I AM MOTHERFUCKING SANTA CLAUSE. But way more sweary. And, might I say it, far more sexually active. Probably. ANYWAYS! GUYS! We just survived 2016! Cue every meme of us: To celebrate the fuck out of the fact that we justttt made it... I'm giving you a...

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My Top Books For 2016: An Illustrated Reading Log

Fellow book whores, So... as you all know... I have a yearly ritual. I read a shit tonne of books. Then I share about what I read and the best books of the year in an annual blog post. You can read the archive here: 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015. Oh! Yay! So that means it's...

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Take A Peek Inside: 2017 Shining Year Life Goals Workbook!!!

Gorgeous ones! I wanted to share with you inside looks at each of our products for the 2017 goals planner collection! This is the original and the most popular product in the collection... everything else was born from this! I made myself a life goals planner in the...

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So proud to introduce: The 2017 Shining Year Video!

Gorgeous ones! So! Time to share! The video for this year's 2017 workbook collection is here for your viewing pleasure/hilarity. You might remember the ridiculously good time we had creating the Academy video this year and how much fun I had playing the saddest public...

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