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Leonie’s Favourite Things From 2016!

Hi lovelies, I wanted to share with you the things I'm really, really, reallllllly glad I invested in last year. I'm not someone who is particularly motivated by STUFF... I don't want to buy useless shit that doesn't add to my life, ya know? I'm not by any means a...

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Hola gorgeous heart! My mistake is your gain! So - I made a fairly large ordering mistake this year... and ordered WAY too much printed stock! We've still sold more than we did last year... we've continued growing which is SUCH a beautiful thing... but I have so much...

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Important Changes To My Company In 2017

Loves, Happy New Year. Happy Completion of 2016. Happy New Beginning. Happy New Dawn. It's time for me to make some shifts to how I run my business. Boundaries time: I will share exactly what those changes are in this post in great detail. I will share deeply about...

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6 Fun Ways To Pimp Your Shining Year Workbooks + Planners!

Hola gorgeous ones! One thing that's been super fun to see pop up this year is people getting creative + innovative with how they customise their 2017 goals workbooks, to do list pads + weekly diary-planner to be perfect for their life! The 2017 workbookers Facebook...

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Leonie’s 200 Life + Biz Goals In 2016: How Did I Go?

Hi dearests,  Earlier this year, I shared my 2016 goals publicly. I wanted to roll back around and see how I went with those goals. I wanted to share as well - I'm not particularly having a Big Goal year. I've done a lot over the past eight years... and had some years...

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We Did It! We bought a well!

My loves, I sent out this email less than 24 hours ago: Dearests, I need your help. Earlier this year I met an incredible earth angel... a woman who had visited Kenya 12 years ago as a young woman... and who, like so many, was deeply affected by the poverty, AIDS...

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