I started blogging in 2004… back when dinosaurs still roamed the internet, and social media had yet to be invented. It’s still one of my greatest loves. I’ve made dear friends through blogging, and built a thriving 8 figure business.

Here’s what I’ve learned:

  1. Blogging is STILL a fantastic way to grow an audience.
    It can build long term relationships and raving fans. I’ve got customers who’ve been buying from me for nearly 2 decades!
    And in terms of being search engine optimised, blogging kicks social media’s ass a million times over!
  1. Reuse your social media content on your blog so you have a permanent, searchable library of your content.
    Otherwise you’ll end up losing all the brilliance and beauty you create over the years!
  1. It’s better to sell your shit
    I’ve seen the rise and fall of many bloggers. If you’re reliant on outside advertisers, it puts you at risk. Having your own products & programs to sell is far safer (and more lucrative!)
  1. Writing can heal you & help you make sense of your story.
    Even if I didn’t earn money from it, I’d still blog. It’s been an essential therapeutic practice for me. I’ve blogged about my experiences with post partum depression, grief, chronic illness, depressive episodes and it has healed me far more than anything else.
  1. It’s the best photo album/scrapbook/diary.
    It’s like a wee time machine back to visit magical moments in my life. It’s my most treasured creation.
  1. Don’t be afraid to share the hard parts of life and business.
    It gives people something to connect with. Fuck looking polished. Your readers will feel less alone when they hear your story.
  1. You don’t need to sound like anyone but yourself. Embrace your weirdness!
    I’m sweary, artistic, leftie, autistic & a bogan. I’m happy to share ALL of it. It means that my people know who I AM!
  1. Always get your readers to join your mailing list.
    Your mailing list is where the gold is! The place where relationships are cemented and money is made and goodness is delivered.

Don’t wait. Don’t over think it. Just start now. Press publish.

Love always,