Pooky bears,

As you know, at the start of 2021, I began to do 21 day challenges of new habits & experiments I wanted to try out. It’s been life-changing & one of the best projects I’ve ever done.

Here’s the overview list of all the challenges I’ve already done:

  1. 21 days without social media (now permanent!)
  2. 21 days of a deeper digital declutter
  3. 21 days of blogging
  4. 21 days of meditating
  5. 21 days of raising readers
  6. 21 days of no spending
  7. 21 days of decluttering & organising

For my next 21 day challenge, I don’t want to try a specific new habit… instead I want to do a Happy Habits Reset. A combination of a digital declutter, health & productivity habits.

Since coming back from holidays, I don’t feel like I’ve landed back in great habits, so this is a chance to reset and Begin Again!

Here’s my rules for Happy Habits Reset

  • NO watching online videos
  • NO online reading except for blogs (no news websites, Reddit, gossip blogs etc)
  • Read books not screens
  • Walk or YOGA daily
  • Vitamins + iron supplement daily
  • Morning pages daily
  • 5 minute journal page daily
  • Work with an accountability partner everyday daily
  • Have goals to complete in next 21 days.

My goals for the next 21 days to complete:

  1. HIGHEST PRIORITY: Sales page for new course
  2. Create content calendar for March & April
  3. Finish Life goals workbook
  4. Finish Biz goals workbook
  5. Create 2 free lead magnets
  6. Finish reading Deep Work
  7. Finish EG course
  8. Test 5 videos

I’ve even made myself a handy dander poster to remind me!

Righto! This should be fun!

Thanks for sharing the journey with me… and hopefully this inspires you to try out your own 21 day challenges!

Let me know what you think!

Big hugs & love,