Are you ready to have your minds BLOWN?

I sat down with Aruna and Claire from Young Yoga Masters and we had the absolute best time talking all things marketing, social media, riding wild donkeys, productivity hacks and MOAR!

There was so much goodness, that Aruna and Claire actually split the interview into four different parts (how cool is that?!)

Click each AH-MAY-ZING video thumbnail below to watch!

Finding Your Voice in Business

Leonie Dawson (she/they) answers our questions about what practices she used to find her voice to resonate with others and why mindset matters in business.

Lessons Learned in Business

In this video, we ask Leonie to give us some tips for those starting out. We also talk about the biggest surprises over many years of success, and how to regularly check if your business is going in the right direction, to make sure you don’t end up in a business you hate.

The productivity hack Leonie uses to consistently achieve big goals

Learn how Leonie sets goals and manages her ideas to translate into sales.

They also speak about the importance of financial literacy for women and non-binary people, motivating us to move forward in business in healthy, sustainable ways.

Social Media is not a sustainable marketing method for your business, here’s why

Learn the benefits you and your business can get from using social media less. Watch to the end of this video to hear a success story that came from Leonie’s simple strategies.

Check out Aruna & Claire’s blog post about the interview HERE!

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