Precious humans!

I just completed another art journal, so I thought I’d take you on a magic carpet ride through some of the pages.

I have been using this exact style of journal (a Mont Marte sketching journal) since I was 16 and my incredible high school art teacher introduced us into the practice of keeping an art journal. It serves as a place to experiment, record inspirations and develop a room of one’s own. It’s a cheap A4-sized hardbound journal with blank pages.

Me & my littlest talk you through my journal:

And here’s more pages:

I like that these kinds of journals are cheap because it never feels like I’m wasting anything. I have been drawing and collaging and painting and taking notes and writing in these since the dawn of time and I will continue to until the end. They are my special place.

Whatever kind of journal you use, I hope it becomes your special place too.

Big love!