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Hi beautiful, I’m Leonie

Hi beautiful,
I’m Leonie

International best-selling author of the My Shining Year Workbooks, self-made multi-millionaire and mentor to highly sensitive hippy oddballs around the globe!

I know you feel in your heart there must be something bigger and sweeter out there. There’s a song in you that hasn’t been sung yet. There is more to do in this world and it sits on your heart getting more and more heavy as each year passes.

You’ve been talking about your ideas for fucking yearrrrrs. But you never implement anything and it makes you feel like you’re going around in circles stuck in paralysing inertia. Now is the time to make it happen! Take my hand and we’ll discover and take action on your big, beautiful dreams!

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Want to get your book written, finished and out in the world, doing what it’s supposed to be doing?

What women are saying

I think this is a must have if you want to create an amazing year.

“Doing some of the exercises has really helped me stretch myself beyond my comfort zone and allowed me to achieve some really crazy goals for myself. Leonie puts so much love and care into everything she does.”

Denise Duffield Thomas, Lucky Bitch

Leonie’s workbooks are SO Powerful!

“I have used them every year for the last eight years. I gush about them all the time. Whatever I put in these workbooks ends up becoming destiny. I cannot recommend them enough.”

Hibiscus Moon, Author + Crystal Expert

It’s amazing, the things I write in here actually come true!

“I love these workbooks and have used them for years for my life and business. I love them. I love Leonie. I love all her work! I highly recommend them.”

Nathalie Lussier, Entrepreneur,
Ambition Ally

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Today We Get To Donate $11,819.11 to Australian Wildlife!

Today We Get To Donate $11,819.11 to Australian Wildlife!

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My Story

I want you to know that you’re are NOT alone and every one of your beautiful dreams ARE possible.

I’m a best-selling author and self-made multi-millionaire who has been on this journey for a decade and managed to do it all while being a hippie weirdo, living a relaxed, simple beach lifestyle and being able to devote time to my family.