Numbered list incoming!

  1. Behold before & after of my physical inbox! It’s been a couple of weeks since I did a full Weekly Review so my inbox was prettttttty full. Managed to stroll through it in about an hour or so, and had quite the lovely time. It feels so great to be organised! I just dump everything in the tray that needs attention around the house, and then when it’s processing time, I go through piece by piece. It’s so simple yet so revolutionary for me… I know that if I put it in there, it will get taken care of instead of being lost to the pile gods.
  2. My eldest kid has been away at school camp for the last three days. It’s her third year doing it. And even though we knew she was having a 10/10 bonza time, we still felt like we were missing a limb. She’s back at last, and I’m so glad. It makes me realise one day in the future, she’ll leave for good, and I’m not quite sure how I’ll cope with that. I’ll be delighted for her, and I’ll also have to imagine a new kind of life for myself. I think I’ll become an eccentric semi-retired artist with enormous glasses who sleeps in every day and calls everyone darling. I guess… not that different from me now?
  3. My efforts at getting more organised are actually working like billy-o. When eldest kid came home, instead of letting her luggage languish for days, I actually… unpacked it straight away and started the washing. Then I even VACUUMED the luggage for sand. Chris was in disbelief: WHO EVEN IS MY WIFE? I HAVE NOT SEEN THIS LEVEL OF MARTHA STEWARTING IN THE LAST 20 YEARS. Anyways, I feel smug as fuck about it. Which reminds me: the washing is still on. I’ll likely forget about it and it will become a mouldy mess anyway. I might be making progress, but I still gots me some ADHD. HO HO HO.
  4. Earlier this week, we took youngest kid to the dentist. Usually, she hates it. This time, she had happy gas for the first time. I still get the sniggers when I think about it. My favourite moment is when the dentist let her watch her favourite Youtube channel Snake Discovery on the overhead TV, then patiently tried to explain to Mermaid Daughter #2 what she was going to do inside her mouth. Mermaid Daughter #2, with wildly gesturing arms, says loudly: “LOOK LADY. I DON’T CARE WHAT YOU DO IN MY MOUTH AS LONG AS I CAN KEEP WATCHING MY SNAKE DISCOVERY.” All hail the miracle of snake discovery!
  5. I finished making my brand new Christmas Planner & popped it up on Etsy. I’m so thrilled with myself for giving myself leeway to work on something different from what I usually do. It’s fuel for my creative spirit.
  6. I’ve been thinking about reducing my work hours even more. Maybe even taking some weekdays off entirely to live a semi-retired life. Read books, have lunches with friends, walk along river more. Batch create content well in advance. Then rock up to create when I feel like it. Not sure yet. Work is one of the great loves in my life, I just feel like I need to adjust things so that life feels sumptuous and satiated.
  7. Oh, one more. When I picked up Mermaid Daughter #1 from camp, the first thing she said was: “How did Mermaid Daughter #2 go at the dentist?” She’s so protective and thoughtful of her little sister. We’re so lucky to have these two sweet souls as kids.

Big hugs,