Let’s talk about Facebook Advertising today, and how to use them in your business.

Now, full transparency: I don’t use Facebook ads. I’ve done them at various times over the years. Last year I did a fairly intensive experiment with them. We poured hours of time, energy and money into it and it just didn’t feel right for me for lots of reasons. It didn’t attract the right customer for me – the ones that become mates and stick around for decades, and it also didn’t feel like a good use of my precious time here on this earth. It was an excellent reminder that the best advertising for my business is my mailing list and word of mouth.

In fact, that was probably the start of my “breaking up with social media” journey.

But! That doesn’t mean Facebook Advertising is something you should chuck to the curb. There are plenty of business owners who LOVE and swear by Facebook ads. If you’re a fan of social media or it’s one of your main marketing tools, then keep on reading! I’ll be telling you everything I have learned from doing Facebook ads in my business.

Before we carry on, here’s what we’ve covered so far in the Business Success Series!

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  2. Online Networking & Masterminding
  3. How to Sell More with Blogging
  4. How to Grow a Mailing List
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  6. Understanding Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  7. Booking Podcasts & Interviews
  8. Social Media

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How To Be A Facebook Advertising Superstar!

  • Just as with each of the advertising methods, it’s a science unto itself. The more you learn, the better you get at it!
  • Facebook ads get “old” very quickly. When you advertise elsewhere, you can use the same image and copy for months or even YEARS!) with it still converting well. Facebook ads need to be refreshed and tested on an almost daily basis – anything older than three days usually doesn’t convert as well!
  • Split testing is the name of the game in Facebook. You want to run different ads for the same thing at the same time to see what converts better.
  • Create a library of images that you can start using in ads to see which one converts better. You can also test if borders convert more – consider testing thickness of borders and colour of borders. Test whether faces convert better, or photos of your item, or go wildly creative with the image. It’s all about what draws the eye (and the eye of your target market!)
  • Brainstorm as many titles and sales copy as you can and keep in mind your target audience.
  • Keep track of your visits and sales from Facebook. Create a separate sales page that is just for Facebook ads to point to, so you can track exactly how many visits and sales you are getting from that page.

Facebook Pixel

When we were using Facebook Advertising, we had Facebook Pixel installed on the website and within Kajabi. What’s Facebook Pixel?

The Facebook pixel is a piece of code that you put on your website that allows you to measure the effectiveness of your advertising by understanding the actions people take on your website. You can use the pixel to: Make sure that your ads are shown to the right people. – Facebook

Facebook Pixel was super helpful for collating the stats each month and getting a detailed look at how well the ads were performing in relation to sales and traffic.

You can hire a Facebook campaign manager as a contractor on a monthly or ongoing basis.

A campaign manager is someone you can hire to create and manage your Facebook ads for you. A good campaign manager will be on the forefront of what’s working in Facebook ads and what the advertising rules are (they are constantly changing).

A campaign manager can be useful during a launch period when you are doing active promotion for something with a deadline. They are an investment, so this is when it’s particularly useful to track your visits and sales.

  • You can also train someone on your team to be your inhouse Facebook ad campaign manager. Kit them up with educational materials, get them to stay abreast of the latest ad developments, and set up a system for them to be testing ads regularly for you (at least once a week).
  • A good Click Through Rate (i.e. how many people click on your ad – also called “CTR” to work towards is a minimum of .05% but best to have .10%
  • Consider having ads targeted just for people who’ve already LIKED your page to get them on your mailing list.
  • Use content from your sales page to come up with different ads.
  • Consider doing ads targeted at specific sections of your market (for example, write copy just for women entrepreneurs or Aussie women entrepreneurs)
  • Track your sales page conversions (i.e. how many of your visits turn into sales) so you can tell if your Facebook ads suck or if your sales page sucks. If you’re getting a huge number of visits and bugger all sales, it’s your sales page that sucks. You need to revise it, make it better, and do split-testing on it to see if you can improve the conversion rate.

How I’ve Used Facebook Advertising In My Business:

I was a bit afraid of FB ad marketing to begin with – it took me a long while to start dipping my toes into the water.

So I read a couple of Facebook advertising books, blog articles, booked a one hour coaching session with a Facebook advertising specialist and got myself educated up. Then I started trialling out, implementing, seeing what worked and what didn’t. I also decided to hire a dedicated team who ONLY deal with Facebook ads, to free up my and my assistant’s time.

(Notice there’s a theme to all these different ways of marketing? You start out with knowing not much about it. Then you decide to learn something. You gather some resources and you start implementing and experimenting. And learning more and more about what works. And all of a sudden, you’re doing it! And you’re no longer a complete newbie anymore! NOBODY is born a Facebook advertising expert or any other kind of marketing expert for that matter – it is ALL a learned, doable skill!)

How I currently use Facebook advertising:

I don’t! Hahahaha! Like I mentioned at the start, it’s just not something that suits my business. And now being off social media entirely, it’s not relevant at all.

If you decide to use Facebook advertising in your biz, make sure you’re using it mindfully.

Endlessly scrolling through your feed is not “work” or “research”. Don’t let social media trap you into a false sense of productivity. Use it mindfully. Keep track of your data.

And of course if you’ve tried Facebook ads and they aren’t the right fit for you either, I recommend you check out my course “Marketing Without Social Media” for all the tips, tricks and tools for running a business without social media.

Whatever you decide, you’ve got this!

Big love,