Pooky bears,

As you know, at the start of this year I began to do 21 day challenges of new habits & experiments I wanted to try out. It’s been life-changing & one of the best projects I’ve ever done.

Here’s the overview list of all the challenges I’ve already done this year:

  1. 21 days without social media (now permanent!)
  2. 21 days of a deeper digital declutter
  3. 21 days of blogging
  4. 21 days of meditating
  5. 21 days of raising readers
  6. 21 days of no spending

This month I started a new challenge… 21 days of decluttering & organising!

Here’s my updated list of areas for me to declutter & organise


  1. Kitchen drawers
  2. Medicine cabinet
  3. Lunchbox drawer & drawers above
  4. Misc kitchen cabinet
  5. Pot cupboard
  6. Cupboard under oven
  7. Top cupboards
  8. Pantry

Rest of house

  1. Spare bedroom cupboard 
  2. Girl’s bathroom cabinet
  3. Ensuite bathroom cabinet
  4. Hallway bookcase
  5. Clear hallways
  6. Mermaid Daughter #2’s room
  7. Mermaid Daughter #2’s cupboard
  8. Mermaid Daughter #1’s room
  9. Chris’ office
  10. Chris’ archive
  11. Hallway console
  12. Games cupboard
  13. Art cupboard
  14. Linen cupboard
  15. My art archive
  16. Shed

Extra Projects

  1. Finish estate planning
  2. Buy a plant & plant stand for living room
  3. Varnish painting to hang in our bedroom

I’m making tops progress, I reckon. Will I get all the projects done in 21 days? Probably not. They are more a menu of options. And I’m making far more progress in decluttering & organising with this challenge than if I wasn’t doing it.

I can already feel how much lighter & easier our space is with the work I’ve already done. Even Chris has mentioned how good the kitchen is starting to feel. And I feel positively POSH with having clear hallways instead of it being a meeting ground for boxes, DIY projects & stuff that needs to be moved elsewhere.

This weekend I did some more kitchen organising, and also finished up something I’ve been wanting to do for YEARS.

Estate Planning!

Mmmmm, such sexy words.

Basically, it’s a folder that lives in our safe that has all the important information to make it super easy for someone else to manage if/when me & Chris kark it, especially if we kark it at the same time. We’re not planning on karking it anytime soon, but it just feels good to have it in place.

I followed Barefoot Investor’s Fearless Folder checklist to help me set up the document.

My document included:

  • Contact details of family members
  • Contact details of accountant, lawyer, executor & staff
  • Current net worth
  • Details of properties we own
  • Details of other investments we own (i.e. managed funds & shares)
  • Insurance details (life, health, home, car & motor)
  • Bank account details
  • Login details (I wrote down the main password for Lastpass – my password manager – on a piece of paper, not digitally)

I also included a file with copies of:

  • birth certificates, marriage certificates & change of name certificates
  • company registration
  • passports & driver’s licence
  • tax assessments
  • will & power of attorney.

I’ve got to get wills & POA updated, but they can get added in later.

For the pièce de résistance of my organisational ascendency, I:

  1. Gave one of my oldest (and most organised) friends a short document with how to locate the safe, the safe’s unlock code, what’s inside the safe & who to contact to let them know.
  2. Added a recurring item in my calendar to review the document yearly to check all the information is still correct or if it needs updating.

Anyways, I feel so fucking smug now I can barely tell you.

Smug and relieved that if and when shit goes down, I’ve made it as easy as possible on my family. Hopefully it won’t be for a long ass time yet, but In sha’Allah, as they say in Arabic.

Next up… rest. I think I’ve got a UTI, and when I was in pain last night I thought OMFG IS THIS WHAT I GET FOR ESTATE PLANNING? I FINISH IT, AND THAT VERY EVENING I DIE FROM A SORE VAG?

Sometimes I’m a wee bit dramatic – I don’t know if you can tell. But it WOULD be on brand for me, I reckon. A good way to go. Dying of a vag-related incident.

Anyways, time to rest… and then back on the organisational train when the time is right. CHOO CHOOOO!

Thanks for sharing in this journey with me!