Very excited to share another delightful podcast interview with you today!

Lee Chaix McDonough invited me on the Coach with Clarity podcast to chat all things business. Here’s what Lee had to say about our exquisite episode together:

In this conversation, Leonie shares how she’s created a thriving business while working only 10 hours a week, how they avoid the hustle culture trap, what it looks like to build a business without having to rely on social media, bringing your whole self into your business, getting clarity around the time you spend working, and more. Let’s get right to it!

Topics covered

  • How Leonie shows up fully and authentically in her work
  • Building a business that rejects “conventional wisdom”
  • Embracing that you’re not for everyone
  • How Leonie continues to build her business while working only 10 hours a week
  • Daily practices to foster creativity in your business
  • How generosity fuels Leonie’s business
  • Significant lessons from almost 20 years of business
  • Leonie’s perspective on using social media intentionally for your business
  • Crafting a different experience for yourself on social media

Ready to listen?

Just press play:

You can also listen here (and there’s a transcript too)!

Enjoy listening, my loves!

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