I have a very, very special interview to share with you today.

I sat down with Fiona Morris for her Divine Business Journeys series, which was an absolute gift as I’ve known Fiona for over eleven years! She’s an absolute goddess and I adore her.

This one is a bit of an emotional interview too, as we explore death, grief & loss. Here’s what Fiona had to say:

In the 1st episode of a brand new season, we are joined by Brilliant Biz Unicorn, Leonie Dawson.

Leonie and her vibrant community have been a HUGE part in encouraging me on my own Divine Business Journey since I first joined her Amazing Biz & Life Academy 11 years ago.

⭐️ I love Leonie’s wildly playful and anarchic approach to her 8 figure business (!!!) as she displays in her Leonie Refuses To Be Categorised podcast and heartfelt love letters.

🎙 I can’t wait to reunite for a heart to heart after 7 long years since we got to hug in person at her shining business retreat in Australia!

💞 This beautiful Scorpio soul sister goes to places in her biz where others fear to tread, openly sharing about taboo subjects such as sex, death and dying, grief and mental health.

🦂 I’m coming out of my own cocoon and social media break to speak with Leonie after taking time out of my biz recently to focus on family after my own father passed away last month. As a fellow water sign (Pisces 🙋‍♀️) things might get emotional. Who knows where this conversation will go?!

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Ready to watch?

Enjoy, my loves!

Love always,