You guys remember my biz bestie Tash, right? You might know her from her Academy guest expert training “Success Habits” or her Heart Centred Business Conference (of which I am le star, more on that in a sec)?

Either way, Tash is da bomb. And even though I like to claim that I am in fact the author behind all her books (I’m so much fun to friends with, honestly), she still invited me back on her podcast! She’s really good like that.

Here’s the lowdown, direct from Tash:

In this special Spotlight episode of the podcast, I am joined by the fantabulous Leonie Dawson!

Our conversation drifts around A LOT. We talk about brand loyalty, showing up authentically as yourself, what advice Leonie has for people who are resisting showing up and getting stuff done, and so much more.

We also talk about how to reflect who you are uniquely and authentically in your content and in how you show up online, plus:

  • How Leonie’s business started
  • How she made the decision to be unapologetically and authentically herself
  • What she attributes her audience loyalty to
  • What advice Leonie has for anyone who’s put a facade on, and what might get in the way of being authentically you
  • How Leonie’s affiliates have impacted her business
  • Leonie’s advice on how to support and encourage affiliates to be active
  • … so much more hilarious goodness!

Hilarious goodness like THIS:

Ready to watch?

Join us at Conference!

If you want more Leonie & Tash in your life (I mean honestly, why wouldn’t you?) I’m speaking LIVE at the Heart-Centred Business Conference in May.

I’m going to be running a workshop that specifically talks about building brand loyalty without having to put on a mask and pretend to be someone else in order to get that brand loyalty. Authenticity is key, babes! It’s going to be fucking faaaaabulous.

And! As a bonus with this episode, you can get $50 off your ticket! Make sure you grab your discounted ticket using the coupon code LEONIE50: heartcentredbusinessconference.com

OH!!! AND!!!! Tash

So much goodness today. So blessed!

Big love,