Hi treasures,

As you know I’ve decided to close down the Academy + am holding a big bundle sale to release my life’s work.

I wanted to give the Academy a good goodbye, and make it a win-win-win situation for everybody involved.

And so I decided to do a Month of Magic, and give away goodies from the Academy each day.

Here’s the wins for you:

Here’s the giveaways so far incase you missed them!

For the ninth giveaway… I’m giving away one of my most treasured possessions: my illustrated multi-media India Travel Journal

Complete + full + radically lush.

This is the journal I took with me to India for a month long ago, back before I was a Mama.

It was a thick watercolour journal that I took with me everywhere: UNO card games on the roof of a restaurant, down to the fireworks on the streets of New Delhi, out on the boat at dawn on the River Ganges in Varanasi. It is made from watercolour and ink and drawings and pastels and writing and collage and photographs and bindis and marigolds.

It’s always been just a journal that I made for me. But from time to time, I’d share it with friends, and they would invariably have the same response: that it moved them to tears, that it wasn’t just about India but about life itself.

All I really know is I’m immensely proud of it, and it is one of my favourite, most precious creations ever.

Dear Mr Dawson painstakingly scanned in each page and digitally pieced it together.

And up until now, it’s only been exclusively available to Academy members.

And so in the spirit of my life’s work retiring with this month’s sale, I share it for the first time publicly, tenderly.

Click here to download my full illustrated India travel journal

I so hope this gives you whatever you are needing in this moment.

You can get the rest of my life’s work – 100+ more courses, resources and goodies before they retire end of this month.

With love and abundant blessings,

Just 17 days left to grab these goodies before they go away forevs!