Hola gorgeous Goddesses!

Yesterday we started our two-part Goddess Project – creating Our Year’s Intention.

Get to the first part of the project here.

Yesterday we dreamed up our Intention – either an Affirmation sentence or a Power Word. If you haven’t come up with your intention yet, you’ve got time now. It’ll only take a moment. The most important thing is to actually do it. 🙂

So funny how this project is unravelling and blooming – a lovely Goddess wrote to me and said: “The timing for this project is better than you know… astrologically speaking NOW is the time to do this stuff -it’s the Aries moon, which is the first sign of the zodiac, and it’s time to plant the seeds of what you want to grow this year.”

Woah. LOVE it.

Onto the second part of planting our seeds!

Now the second part of the project is the creative part – deciding how you’re going to whisper (or ROAR!) it to the Universe, and remind yourself for the rest of the year what you truly desire. You can choose one of the ideas here that call you, or make up your own way that excites you. Have gorgeous, glorious fun with it… making your inspired love letter to the Universe about your dreams.

Here’s some ways you can Create Your Year’s Intention:

• Make a big crazy wild textured fabulous paint dripping shining mixed media painting with your words emblaaaazoned on it!

• Go on a Photographer’s Adventure Walk. Photograph all the things that remind you of your intention. If you can, photograph the letters or words of your intention, and make a photographic vision board, collage or series of your New Year’s Intention.

• If you’re a scrapper – or even if you’re not – scrapbook a page with the theme of Your Year’s Intention.

Write or paint it on rocks.

Make a mobile out of small tree branches, string, shells, leaves, cardboard stars, knick-knacks and feathers. Write your intention on each of your dangly bits!

• Infuse a crystal with your intention. Choose a crystal that sings to you, and infuse it with your intention by holding it in your palms, and repeating your Power word or Affirmation sentence seven times. Every time you see or pick up the crystal from now on, you will be reminded of the feelings and presence of your Intention. You can carry your Intention Crystal with you when you like, or leave it by your bedside table.

• Make Intention cards – the size of a postcard. You can collage, write poetry, draw, paint and generally gorgeous-up your postcard with your Intention dream. You can charge them up with extra sparkling power energy by drawing a star on the back, placing a finger on the star and taking a deep breath in and out through your belly.

What to do with your Creative Intentions

You can gift your intentions back to Mama Earth, by placing beneath a special tree or in a river. Or place your gorgeous creation somewhere central in your home that you look at often – beside your bed, mirror, meditation altar or Wii is just fine 🙂

Sharing through the talking stick…

A couple of weeks ago, my goddess sister Sone was visiting, and we spent a messy, magnificent morning in my studio painting up our Intention canvasses. We pulled out my boxes of scrap paper and paint and stamps and glue and layered and layered and layered to our heart’s content.

I have photos of the gorgeous creative chaos that ensued, but Happy Technology is sleeping this morning and won’t grab the pics from my phone for me. (Boo!) But I haz more! Photos from the garden this morning of the two Divine Creations that were born! (Hurrah!)

Here’s mine. All rainbow flecked and messy and golden. All about FAITH. Having faith in myself, my path, the goodness of life and the beauty of the journey. Faith that Great Spirit is all around me and guiding me. Faith. My faith has already been tested this year, but I think with all faith-tests, you come out of it with an even stronger faith. Bigger. Like a boat to hold onto.

Underneath all those layers you will find paint and tissue paper and glue and scrap paper and glitter and stickers and laughter and puppy paw prints and an old painting of my dreams. Layers and layers of Faith. Finished off with golden paper torn into shreds to form the word: F A I T H.

Sone’s magnificent creation. I watched and marvelled as she layered and tore away, adding to and letting go, until she found her true balance. Her JOY.

Totally gratuitous Angel photo. We need more Angel photos!

And Charlie. Charlie the Happy Healer Dog. Who sometimes looks like he is Alf-the-furry-and-friendly-alien-incarnate.

Starry happy gorgeous creative intention-filled blessings to you Goddesses,