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It was a bit of a wag trying to sort through almost 9 years (!!!) of blogging + close to 1900 (!!!!!!!!) articles. I’ve been around for a while + I have muchos to share.

Consider this your beginner’s guide to all thing amazing biz + life. Heftily sprinkled with Leonie Certified Sparkle. WOOP WOOP!

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The Wild Donkey Guide To Getting Your Projects FINISHED + Out In The World!

Honestly: Business Doesn’t Have To Be Like That

How To Meditate for Lazy People

Is This What’s Holding You Back From Getting Shi* Done?

How To Have A One Million Dollar Idea

The Worst Thing In The World Could Be The Best Thing

How To Install A No B.S. Clause In Your Life!

You Have Permission

Real Love: What It Looks Like, The Good, The Hard + How To Make It Better

10 Things I Want To Tell Every Teenage Goddess

Burnout: How To Recognise It, Fix It + What The Blessings of Burnout Are

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