Being interviewed by the one and only Sarah Furuya for the Legends podcast was, well, legendary!

Sarah says it best; the topics we muse upon in today’s conversation are:

  • Leonie’s inability to create, and this one hit me hard, a professional mirage, and how she attracts clients and has a thriving business while keeping it wild and weird

  • How she leverages neurodivergence and revolutionizes her unique set of abilities in how she works – 10 hours a week – she rests for results

  • The importance of taking care of business and making money and her advice to women who have left taking care of business later in life (it’s never too late)

  • How the sudden death of her brother when Leonie was 15 changed the course of her life

  • Her love of relocation, renewal and reinvention and her devotion to the land of Australia


This episode is also dedicated to Clinton, my brother.

I’m so grateful to be able to share my story.

Love always,