Gorgeous humans!

Oh my heart… today we have a fun Q&A episode of Leonie Refuses to Be Categorised: The Podcast today!

My darling and brilliant soul sister Madi Beaufort brought a brilliant list of questions for me to answer. This called for a fancy glass of rose-colored kombucha (smoothies are SO first episode πŸ™„!)

πŸ“š The 4 most influential books I’ve ever read
😬 How I got past the fear that holds so many back from reaching their biz and life dreams
πŸ‘―β€β™€οΈ Why I gave up having a large team
πŸ¦„ My most memorable business moment (Spoiler alert: it involves a cuddle puddle)
✈️ Where I see myself in 10 years from now

and MORE!

We also discussed:

πŸ’… Madi being scouted for modeling as a teen
πŸ’ƒ Me on the catwalk
πŸ–ΌοΈ Why I don’t post pics of my family anymore.
πŸ‘Ά Would I have another kid?
πŸ‘Ώ And yes ZITA (my Goblin Queen assistant), I mentioned you in this episode. You can stop being SO NEEDY NOW.


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Transcript time!

  • The best musical intro you’ve ever heard 0:07
  • Madi, the model 0:32
  • A business staffing model that works for me 6:34
  • Q&A with Leonie Dawson about Business, Influential Women, Favorite Books, and More 12:17
  • Discussing Writing and Reading Preferences 15:33

Read along here:

Leonie Dawson 0:00

Leonie Dawson 0:03
Oh it’s Leonie Dawson and she refuses to be categorised. She

Leonie Dawson 0:12
refuses to be categorised

Madison Beaufort 0:16

Leonie Dawson 0:17
my queens, Okay, welcome back to Leonie Dawson refuses to be categorised the new era of le podcast. So of course, I am joined with the incredible the stunning

Madison Beaufort 0:30
Madi Beaufort

Leonie Dawson 0:32
Madi Beaufort. And one thing I want you to know about Madi Beaufort is that she is like one of those beautiful humans I’ve ever met my life

Leonie Dawson 0:38
internally, but also, I don’t know if any of you relate to this, but she actually was scouted as a model as a teenager.

Madison Beaufort 0:46
oh stop

Leonie Dawson 0:48
shut up. Just shut up.

Leonie Dawson 0:52
Oh, my goodness Leonie.

Leonie Dawson 0:53
She’s very attractive person.

Madison Beaufort 0:57
Yes okay. Yes,

Leonie Dawson 0:58
Yeah, you are.

Madison Beaufort 0:59
yeah, I’m trying. I’m struggling. I’m trying not to deflect compliments, right. Like it’s a big so I’m like Yes.

Madison Beaufort 1:09
Internally awkward. Yes.

Leonie Dawson 1:11
How do you think I would behave if I had been scouted as a model as a teenager?

Madison Beaufort 1:16
I don’t think there’d be a second that I talked to you you wouldn’t bring it up every conversation.

Leonie Dawson 1:20
Correct. I think just own it. Own it. It’s like and also like,

Leonie Dawson 1:26
it’s like our friend Amanda Rootsey,

Leonie Dawson 1:29
One of the most beautiful people I’ve ever met. I like deeply love her. So good, truly good.

Leonie Dawson 1:39
And she also is done European runway modeling and regularly.

Madison Beaufort 1:44
Yes. Absolutely.

Leonie Dawson 1:46
Yes. bitch.

Madison Beaufort 1:50

Leonie Dawson 1:50
So, you know, I just love knowing these people who have known for their ridiculous ridiculously good genetics, and I am so proud of you.

Madison Beaufort 2:03
We feel exactly the same with you.

Leonie Dawson 2:05
Oh, honey. Oh, no. Thank you. Thank you.

Madison Beaufort 2:07
You’re a sunshine of a person. And I’d actually love to see your walk a runway. Like, I think a lot of people would. Yeah, let’s make that happen this year. Can we pick a goal? I know you would be, Yeah.

Leonie Dawson 2:17
I’d have to leave my house?

Madison Beaufort 2:18
Oh, come on. I reckon

Madison Beaufort 2:20
I’m really good on photo shoots. You know that.

Madison Beaufort 2:23
Yeah I’ve never seen anyone that was better in glasses in a photo shoot. Like you are.

Leonie Dawson 2:29

Madison Beaufort 2:29
Out of this world.

Leonie Dawson 2:30
Yeah. And like the way that you react when I put my photography face on. Like what the fuck is happening?

Madison Beaufort 2:36
Something comes comes it’s I just….well something.

Leonie Dawson 2:40
Something comes.

Madison Beaufort 2:40
It’s me

Leonie Dawson 2:40

Madison Beaufort 2:40
Not just me, everybody in the room.

Madison Beaufort 2:48
That’s it. Your photography is beautiful.

Leonie Dawson 2:50
It is. We did a videography last year. We didn’t be able to use you last year.

Madison Beaufort 2:55

Leonie Dawson 2:56
I’ll probably do for another photo shoot because Ellie was my assistant.

Madison Beaufort 3:01
No, I think it was me.

Leonie Dawson 3:02
No, it was you. Oh, sorry.

Madison Beaufort 3:03
Yeah no, but let’s do it. That’s theres always a need for a new photo shoot.

Leonie Dawson 3:07
Right no, Ellie did that first photo shoot with Michelle.

Madison Beaufort 3:10
Michelle. Yeah. yeah. She’s beautiful.

Leonie Dawson 3:11
She’s the best. That’s Michelle from Eyes of Love photography. Highly recommend.

Madison Beaufort 3:12
Shout out. She’s beautiful.

Leonie Dawson 3:17
Yeah Southeast Queensland. She is Gold Coast base. But she travels all the

Madison Beaufort 3:20
She does the best photos.

Leonie Dawson 3:21
Yeah, I just I don’t think I would go with anyone else.

Madison Beaufort 3:25
Well, and also you hire this divine little like Airbnb, like in the dunes land, and it’s like Italian themed maximalism. It’s got this like, Oh, it’s just every time every time it’s got this art studio, built off the back with Renata, the lady who runs it does these art classes and they make us food and pasta.

Leonie Dawson 3:45
That’s Noosa Valley Manor Airbnb. Not I think they’re on Airbnb. I think they just b&b. I think you just looked directly through

Madison Beaufort 3:52
And they have a beautiful son.

Leonie Dawson 3:53
Oh my god. So we are aiming we’re like we’re just putting it out into the universe but we think Maddie should be married to their son because then that way we just like we’re married into that family

Madison Beaufort 4:03
because I do anything to have Renata as a stepmom Oh, really

Leonie Dawson 4:07
Oh mother-in-law

Madison Beaufort 4:07
Yeah, well

Leonie Dawson 4:08
she’s not gonna marry your dad.

Madison Beaufort 4:10
Oh, do you know what I do it I’d do it to have her in my family.

Leonie Dawson 4:14
Oh, and Roberto is just gonna be like sloppy seconds or husband? Like keep it

Madison Beaufort 4:20
Oh no I will find a place for you. That’s ok

Leonie Dawson 4:20
I think we’re not strong enough to have a harem of men.

Madison Beaufort 4:24
Yeah, I really agree. Hey,

Leonie Dawson 4:26
Omg did I even tell you that I ran into Renata the other day?

Madison Beaufort 4:29

Leonie Dawson 4:29
Oh my god. Okay, so I was at Noosa brow getting my eyebrows done.

Madison Beaufort 4:32
Course you were.

Leonie Dawson 4:35
Yeah. Yeah. I know. Pfft. I’m feeling so beautiful right now.

Madison Beaufort 4:35
I am actually a little bit Noosa today.

Leonie Dawson 4:41
But you’ve got color on your hair like you’ve got something maximalist on your head.

Madison Beaufort 4:45
Oh, that’s yeah, just my my normal

Leonie Dawson 4:46
your pom poms?

Madison Beaufort 4:47
Yeah, my pom poms

Leonie Dawson 4:48
Yep. So not very Noosa. So anyway, I was at Noosa Brow, and

Leonie Dawson 4:53
I could hear this woman’s voice beside me and I was like, it sounds so familiar and like we both had our

Leonie Dawson 5:00
Eyes closed because we’re getting fucking brows and eyelashes done. I was like, Renata is that you? She’s like

Leonie Dawson 5:09
And I was like it’s Leonie. Oh darling! And then we kissed each other.

Madison Beaufort 5:10
She’s just fabulous.

Leonie Dawson 5:11
She’s just the best. And then I was like, What are you doing after this? And she’s like, going grocery shopping. I was like, did you want to go to River Read and have a coffee? So we just, ah, it was the best. I just need to spend more time with her. Oh , and she was mentioning that your mom’s been going out there for art classes and to do her

Madison Beaufort 5:26
My mom?

Leonie Dawson 5:27
your mom

Madison Beaufort 5:28
to do her book club?

Leonie Dawson 5:29
Yeah, your mom.

Madison Beaufort 5:30
Look at this small world we live in beautiful. We’re not

Leonie Dawson 5:32
Did you not know that?

Madison Beaufort 5:33
I knew that they read novels. I didn’t know that. Now I want to do one of her classes.

Leonie Dawson 5:38
Oh, no, well your mom has been going out there. Sorry. Sorry Andrea

Madison Beaufort 5:43
What on earth?

Leonie Dawson 5:47
And she said to Renata, and I thought it was fucking hilarious. She said Renata can I run a metaphysical book club out there? Out here? And Renata said what does that mean? Does that mean like you are meeting here spiritually? And reading books metaphysically? And she said no we’re reading metaphysical books.

Madison Beaufort 6:07
We’re all just being there in spirit.

Leonie Dawson 6:10
Like on a different plane like,

Madison Beaufort 6:11
can I have permission

Leonie Dawson 6:13
to edit..

Madison Beaufort 6:16
That’s hilarious. Oh, yes. Yeah, no, no. That’s so funny. I didn’t know she’s doing it. Yeah, she’s doing a book club. Oh, that’s so funny.

Leonie Dawson 6:24
Get Deb’s talking to Renata at the moment to book out in her women’s circle workshops

Madison Beaufort 6:29
Ah yes.

Leonie Dawson 6:29
I know. Just bring all my people like Yeah.

Madison Beaufort 6:34
Ah, I love it. I love it

Leonie Dawson 6:35
Oh, yeah.

Leonie Dawson 6:37
I did what like so last episode and the episode before we’re talking about my origin stories, I talked about my childhood wounds. And then we talked about my love story. And then we talked about like my business journey. And I’d kind of ended off saying like, about how I had this big team. And then we also went through this crazy stuff with like, book publishing companies. If you haven’t listened, you totally shut up because drama, drama unfolded.

Leonie Dawson 7:04
And yeah, it was like I just wanted to wind up with but it was around that time. So like, seven years ago, I was like, I just need to simplify my business, make it really happy. Yeah, we have like 25 staff and like I just hated it. And like, right, I need to simplify way back down and make it happy for me again, it also like a crazy parties, when you are managing a creative company, you don’t have time to create anymore.

Madison Beaufort 7:26
yes yeah

Leonie Dawson 7:26
So I have to write into all out on the weekends, because I didn’t have time during the week, because that’s too busy fighting business fires. And I was like, this is fucked. This is not something not for me. So changing my business model. So that’s when we went back to print on demand publishing, which isn’t perfect, but it’s so much better than dealing with, you know, a half million dollar prep fee plus hostage book situations and just the craziness of that and having to have that amount of staff to deal with that amount of customers.

Madison Beaufort 7:58

Leonie Dawson 7:58
And I just went back to having one part time assistant. And that’s how I’ve managed my business now for seven years

Madison Beaufort 8:06
and still thriving. And still, you’re loving it more than ever.

Leonie Dawson 8:09
It makes more it makes more profit than it did in that 2.8 million a year.

Madison Beaufort 8:14

Leonie Dawson 8:14

Madison Beaufort 8:14
Yes. That just goes to show you hey, there’s not one way to do it. Like, you know, I feel like all the time someone, there’s someone you know, preaching or whatever going, this is the way this is the way you make money. This is the way you do it. This is the way you succeed. And it’s like, no,

Leonie Dawson 8:26
it’s just one way

Madison Beaufort 8:27
Yeah it is it is.

Leonie Dawson 8:28
So yeah, I feel really lucky. But I also like, realized that I was so scarred emotionally from that process that I also like to make some awful hiring mistakes. I had somebody who have narcissistic personality disorder, and that really damaged my self esteem, which is Shocking. Shocking, considering how robust it usually is.

Madison Beaufort 8:49
Yeah, yeah.

Leonie Dawson 8:50
And so like, just to get to a point where as simple again, and I could just create, and my whole goal is just like, I just want to be left alone to create. And that’s where we’re at. And now I’m also in the process now of going like, oh, I probably do want to expand my audience again and grow a little bit more in revenue and profit, but very intentionally. And so now. You know, it’s taken this amount of time to get to the point where I feel comfortable with hiring a few more staff again, so we’ve got four part time VAs currently,

Madison Beaufort 9:20
yeah, wow. It’s feeling good?

Leonie Dawson 9:22
It feels really good. Because I realize like the model that works for me is I have one assistant, and then she has all of the assistants that she wants under the sun. So I don’t manage anybody else. I just talk to my main assistant, which is Zita.

Madison Beaufort 9:39

Leonie Dawson 9:39
And we have a really good working relationship been together for seven years and she respects my desire to not manage her and she likes that she likes not being managed. She’s

Madison Beaufort 9:50
Yeah, yeah, I like bro you guys work together so well, don’t you? Yeah, great team. How do you How did you find her? Like how did that

Leonie Dawson 9:57
Oh, like here’s the thing with like, because I talked about this in How to Hire and manage a VA, which is like a workshop I run, because people always ask. And I think the best way to hire someone really is one, ask around for recommendations, get a big pool of people, you know, like applications, and then trial them, you have to pay them to do tasks, and really quickly you can work out who’s probably going to be a good fit for you or not.

Madison Beaufort 10:24

Leonie Dawson 10:24
So Zita, she was actually doing part time work for two of my friends. And I said to them, Oh do you mind if I like hire Zita for like five hours a week, because like they weren’t using her full time hours or anything like that.

Madison Beaufort 10:35

Leonie Dawson 10:36
And both of them like, Yeah, great. And so she ended up working for me for a little while. I think it was like a couple of years, at least before she decided to dedicate all of her client hours to me. And of course, you know, I wanted to make sure that it was okay with my friends, because I mean like feel like

Madison Beaufort 10:55
Zita’s mine now.

Leonie Dawson 10:55
I’ve fucking stolen her.

Madison Beaufort 10:57

Leonie Dawson 10:57
But yeah, like that will that will agree with you about it. And yeah, so like, I think that’s just the way and we’ve just built along as we go along. And it’s just increased in depth as we’ve gone along. And, and, like her skills, her skills are incredible now, especially since I’ve just been able to spend so much time and just like training her up, and also just benevolent neglect, so she can just work shit out on her own.

Madison Beaufort 11:24
It’s fabulous.

Leonie Dawson 11:24
Yeah, she’s like, not everyone thrives. So just being completely thrown into the deep end of the ocean, Leone. And I was like, understand, and I’m not gonna be that girly, who just like handholds you all the way?

Madison Beaufort 11:35

Leonie Dawson 11:35
And that’s not for me

Madison Beaufort 11:36
how perfect. You found the perfect person?

Leonie Dawson 11:38
Yeah. And like, I like I realized

Madison Beaufort 11:41
for you

Leonie Dawson 11:41
Yeah, I work well, in those situations where I’m working with somebody who has autism who has good levels of emotional intelligence, really good communication skills. Because I’ve had like a working relationship before with another VA years and years ago, you’re in very similar situation with and it was just it was worked really well. So yeah, I’m keen to just stick along that route. I want to keep Zita for as long as possible. Yeah. And then let her manage whatever team she wants underneath her.

Madison Beaufort 12:13

Madison Beaufort 12:15
So, yes, I have questions for you. Oh, please, she just to explain. Like I like we said, I met you when I was 18. And in that time, I’ve started my own business, a lot of that has to be credited to you, I feel as in like just that, you know, the the bravery to take the step and just your your, your, your joy and your sheer. Like, it’s so nice. When someone else has confidence in you to that you’re gonna do it, you’ll be fine. And so yeah, like, I wouldn’t have done that without you or anything. But I feel like at my age, there’s a lot of really at any age. But there’s a lot of people on that same sort of journey. And there’s still so many things. And I’m like, oh, it just would be nice to ask someone who knows. And he’s done it all. Oh, and to Leonie Dawson can’t be categorized the podcast. And so I’ve asked some friends who are in similar positions, and I’ve created a little bit of a list of some questions of just like things that we just like your advice on.

Leonie Dawson 13:16
Let’s do it.

Madison Beaufort 13:17
Okay. If there’s any questions that you don’t like, just answer them anyway.

Leonie Dawson 13:21
Oh, I know. I will. I didn’t like I don’t think there’s anything that’s off. Like, like, oh, no, no, no.

Madison Beaufort 13:30
I’ve yet to like, be surprised.

Leonie Dawson 13:33
I have yet to find one.

Madison Beaufort 13:34
Okay, so number one, right. And this is probably the most asked question that I that I got. And it was the one question that I find as well that I’m like, I just wish I knew the secret. So you are fearless. Right? Is what I look at it in most situations. I think that there’s not many times that fear or anything and you let it hold you back. Or even if you feel like you’re just sort of like Yep, here I am. I’m going for it.

Madison Beaufort 14:02
Where does it come from? And how does us how do us who do feel that who?

Madison Beaufort 14:07
You know, who are held back by that? What’s your advice on how to

Leonie Dawson 14:12
And like, I just think it’s a logical decision. Yeah. Right. Like, it’s like when I was 13 or whatever, or being at school and notice that everyone was trying so hard to be liked, and trying so hard to be something that they weren’t in order to get popularity, right. It was very obvious. And I also recognize that they were like, even when they became popular or whatever, even when they could prefer it. The the act of the cool person. They still weren’t happy. And I was like because of course you couldn’t be happy because you’re afraid that’s gonna get taken away or if people discover the real you then you fucked right?

Leonie Dawson 15:00
And so I was like, Well, that sounds like a really stupid game to play to pretend to be something that I’m not. So I think what I’ll do instead is just be me and have the like, absolute best time being me. And even if people don’t like that, it doesn’t fucking matter, because I’m still going to be myself, and I’ll be having so much fun of that. And also, like, there’s going to be some people out there who might like it, and they’ll be fucking rad to be around, they’ll be so fun to be around. And I was like, Okay, well, decision made, I won’t play the cool game. I won’t play

Leonie Dawson 15:36
something which doesn’t seem to have very good dividends in terms of happiness. I might as well just go crazy and just be like, full weirdo self, and have the best time of it. So it was a logical decision. And I think in terms of being fearless like it’s again, it’s a logical decision of

Leonie Dawson 15:55
does it sound like fun to be afraid? No, then I don’t think I will. Is it gonna make me richer? Or happier or more successful or more aligned to my goals? If I’m afraid? No, then I just don’t think I will.

Madison Beaufort 16:08

Leonie Dawson 16:10
And also, like, it does, it doesn’t really fucking matter. Like, most of the shit that happens.

Madison Beaufort 16:16
Yeah, when you can get out of your head about it. Hey,

Leonie Dawson 16:18
is it like my mum said one thing that told to me when I was a kid. You know, is it gonna matter in five days time? Is it gonna matter in five months time? Is it gonna matter in five years time? And that’s a really good differentiator of like, Oh, it doesn’t fucking matter.

Madison Beaufort 16:33
Yeah. Yeah. I love that. It reminds me of you say the little thing about the zebra.

Leonie Dawson 16:40
Oh, yeah.

Madison Beaufort 16:41
Which I love

Leonie Dawson 16:42
Yeah, I mean, here’s the thing, right? It’s like, zebras are not out there going, Oh, God if only this stripe on me was different, then I’d be worthy, then I’d be okay. That allowed to be like, able to be all of myself. No, they’re just like, Oh my Go I’m a fucking zebra, look at me go! And just here I am in the sun. I’m eating the grass and I’m fucking magnificent! I feel like that energy of like, I’m fucking magnificent look at me living in this moment. It is true for all animals really like they’re so like in themselves, like look at me go!

Leonie Dawson 17:18
And I just like humans are animals. So the fact that we might have like, gone on a little path, and culturally, we aren’t experiencing that. I don’t think it’s a natural thing. I think we’re born like, like, I don’t think we were born to be different from what we are. There’s nothing on my body. That’s supposed to be any different from what it is.

Madison Beaufort 17:38
I love that.

Leonie Dawson 17:39

Madison Beaufort 17:39
I love it. It’s like, like, the whole confidence thing. It’s like, I am a very moly girl.

Leonie Dawson 17:46
It’s like, like, the whole confidence thing. It’s like, I am a very moly girl. Most all over me. And I think for some people, that could be a possible cause for low confidence, like, you know, self confidence or something. And for me, I was like, No, I’m like, this is kisses from God, like this is stars from the sky falling on my body. And I cannot think that it needs to be any different from what it is. I just like, it doesn’t make sense. That if we were supposed to be something different from what we are like, that we would have been born is that

Madison Beaufort 18:15

Madison Beaufort 18:16
So why the fuck not? I think as well, like it’s helped like I had a brother with cerebral palsy and grew up around the disability community and things like that. And just their courage and bravery go, like oh fuck it why not give it a go to the best of my abilities, best of my capacities. And my brother was an athlete. And he always used to bitch that he couldn’t he wasn’t more disabled, because he would have liked to compete in more like Disabled Sports, because they kind of like yeah, right level that in terms of what level your disability was, and his was more on the mild side of things. If I was paraplegic, you’d see me go. Oh, and we should all live in that.

Madison Beaufort 18:58
Yeah. Wow.

Leonie Dawson 19:00
And that was like a real joy in living like the real joy and the actual capacities that you have, like, why not enjoy the fuck out of them?

Madison Beaufort 19:07

Leonie Dawson 19:08
it’s just like a waste of fucking time to worry. Like, it’s boring. You could be dreaming about really fun things and giving it a fucking go.

Madison Beaufort 19:16
That’s it, isn’t it?

Leonie Dawson 19:17
Oh, do you want to have a fun life or not? It’s all it comes down to.

Madison Beaufort 19:21
And bravery is so fun, isn’t it?

Leonie Dawson 19:24

Madison Beaufort 19:24

Leonie Dawson 19:25
Why the fuck not just give it a go. It’s like I like that. Tik Tok analogy is like, well, like, if men can do it. Why can’t I like you know?

Leonie Dawson 19:35
Why? If men can do it, why can’t I that’s so good, isn’t it?

Leonie Dawson 19:43
Yeah, like the brain surgeon. That’s just like, man can do this. So can I. Like why the fuck not? Why the fuck not me?

Madison Beaufort 19:53
That is it, isn’t it?

Leonie Dawson 19:53
Yeah,and I’m not. I don’t have to be white. I don’t have to be born into a rich family. I don’t have to be born like with a different education, I don’t have to, like be anything but what I am.

Madison Beaufort 20:04

Leonie Dawson 20:05
And it’s just a nice, nice way to enjoy life.

Madison Beaufort 20:08
Yeah, yeah. And choosing that choosing that. We have so much. We have so much choice over the way we live our life. Hey, and sometimes like, I feel like I forget, oh, my former life just happens to me. I’m like, you know, what doesn’t? I get to choose? Yeah,

Leonie Dawson 20:23
I mean, all kinds of wonderful things happen in enjoy the absolute fuck out of that. Why not?

Madison Beaufort 20:28

Leonie Dawson 20:28
And you know really I think as well, like my brother dying at a younger age. It did give me a little bit of urgency is like, well, you actually don’t know.

Madison Beaufort 20:34

Leonie Dawson 20:35
you’ve got and I’m really glad he died when he was at a point where he’s really happy.

Madison Beaufort 20:40

Leonie Dawson 20:40
Like, I’m so glad he had some fucking great years in there. And yeah, I just you genuinely don’t know when your time’s up. So looking getting getting you can’t go getting near a go. Why not?

Leonie Dawson 20:55
It’s it’s so much better than just sitting there worrying about stuff like I just don’t think we were born to second guess. Do you think God sits around like second guessing herself? No.

Leonie Dawson 21:04
No, she’s like, Look what I made.

Madison Beaufort 21:07
Look at me go. Hey,ad time.

Leonie Dawson 21:13
Ad time. Oh, the sweet sweet sound of kombucha.

Leonie Dawson 21:20
Friends, it’s Taylor. I mean, it’s Leonie Dawson. And I want to tell you, there is no bad blood when it comes to the bullion bears and life Academy. If you know all too well that you want to make more money, learning less, you need to go there. Right now leoniedawson.com/Academy it’s the place where you get an enormous amount of my workshops, and my books and all the coaching I can give you all the love I have to give in order for you to like ascend to the highest tier of Taylor peak-dom. Can you go check it out now Leoniedawson.com/academy so I can stop wearing these stupid freakin wigs. And trying to come up with some really funny copy that will just actually make my life thank you so much best wishes.

Leonie Dawson 22:12

Madison Beaufort 22:18
killin it. Okay. Hey.

Leonie Dawson 22:20

Madison Beaufort 22:20
quick. Three books. Changed your life.

Leonie Dawson 22:23
Oh, Succulent Wild Woman by SARK.

Madison Beaufort 22:26
Yo, yes. Yes. SARK Love it.

Leonie Dawson 22:29
Yeah. She is like definitely a Wayfinder for me. If you haven’t read a SARK book, stop, put this down right now runs so far, so fast and so hard to get a SARK book into you because it’s like Deb. I don’t think I’d be who I am without SARK. When I found her book for the first time. Like what any of the books, she’s written billions of them. And it’s just it’s beautiful, poetic. And it’s like a hand written and like, it’s all illustrated and drawn. And it looks so unlike other books, yeah. And the way that she talked about having a joyful life and how to live her life to the biggest, fullest, most scrumptious, magical amount that was like, holy fuck she was like a solid white house for us. And like, the soul, I haven’t gone like, oh, you can be like this, you can totally make this your life. That was really cool.

Leonie Dawson 23:26
The second most life changing book. This one’s just probably a personal one for me, but reading The Four Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss back in when it came out. 2007 or so. People always ask me like, how do you do like, a $10 million. Look, you know, a 10 hour workweek and create the millions that you have, like, there’s a fucking book out there guys. It’s like it was actually written. And I just, like follow the advice. Yeah, that was just a really nice paradigm shift.

Leonie Dawson 23:58
And the third one

Leonie Dawson 24:01
It’s like trying to choose between babies.

Madison Beaufort 24:04
Which one’s my favorite?

Leonie Dawson 24:05
My favorite. I really love the Byron Katie books. I think she’s just been so healing. In my hippie phases Doreen Virtue was really magical to me. Even though she’s gone super weird ultra conservative denounced all of her previous work.

Madison Beaufort 24:23

Leonie Dawson 24:23
I know.

Leonie Dawson 24:24
I know. It’s like she’s gonna walk in. It’s like, she’s kind of like a spiritual like her whole, like whole spirit has left her body. It’s so strange.

Leonie Dawson 24:32
Yeah. Wow. She’s gone through something.

Leonie Dawson 24:34
Yeah, she’s full conservative now, but you know, whatever. That’s cool. I’m grateful for the work that she gave.

Madison Beaufort 24:40

Leonie Dawson 24:40
during that time.

Madison Beaufort 24:41
That’s amazing.

Leonie Dawson 24:46
Yeah, I think, yeah, I think SARK. Even if I just say SARK that’s enough.

Madison Beaufort 24:50
Yeah. Okay. Everyone go out. and get a SARK book

Leonie Dawson 24:52
Yeah, Julie Karen’s books are great, too. Just all these creative women out there. Fuck yeah, I’m into it.

Madison Beaufort 24:59
Love it. Hey. Well, that’s my next question. I just wanted, well I’d like to know three women that changed your life. We sort of talked about it a little bit. Yeah, but I think mentor-wise, mentor. I don’t know I’ve just finished reading the Red Tent again. Which which every time I read it, I’m oh my heart and like that oh, that’s what it like, makes me feel and it reminds me of is that. Yeah, and what you’re saying before is that you’re Deb. You’re Deb has you and you have you know, like it’s that beautiful lineage? Yeah, I just want to know just because also there’s some women that haven’t, that haven’t felt that like and they don’t really know and so it sort of can be hard to find community because like, what’s Yeah, it’s so important too. It’s it’s so necessary.

Leonie Dawson 24:59
And SARK was definitely a big one for me, especially like she had in the olden days before they had social media. There were forums.

Leonie Dawson 25:56
And she had the marvelous message board, and it’s legendary. There was so many people on it, I joined it when I was like 21. And I met so many incredible women off there. And like, I’m still friends that with them to this day.

Leonie Dawson 26:10
So I think SARK and her community were really huge for me, Deb and Elenita, are really huge for me. Hira Boga who I did intensive mentoring with. Hiro Boga is like an intuitive mentor based in Canada, and just the most wise and beautiful being.

Leonie Dawson 26:30
Yeah, they’ve been massive, massive influences. I feel like Hira especially helped me get through, you know, becoming a parent and becoming an adult and having boundaries of my family. Like, I don’t know, if I would have been able to do it without any support. And her just going no, it’s okay. Because I was so indoctrinated into I know, you must serve your parents have cause you don’t have a choice. And she was like, actually, you do have another choice.

Madison Beaufort 27:05
Crazy. Hey, yeah. And your business and your life, like your personal life is so interwoven, too, aren’t they? They’re not well as in, I don’t look at you and think, oh, Leonie got this big business over here that’s nothing like you know, her life. Or like reflection of that. Has it always been easy to, has it always been easy to separate the two? Like to shine the person you are in this life, as your business as well.

Leonie Dawson 27:29
Yeah, because like, you know, I had, I could have had a government career. And I knew that I would have to close off parts of myself in order to do that. And I didn’t, I didn’t want to, I wanted to be all of myself. And like, I could have stayed, you know, doing, like cubicle job and stuff like that. But again, as not the fullest expression of me. So when I came to my business, I was like, I don’t want to just create, like a recreation of the corporate environment. I want to have something magical and divine and connected and heart centered and scrumptious. And I want to make it different from anything I’ve seen before. So fuck it, why not? So yeah, I think I’ve been all in myself.

Leonie Dawson 28:11
In it, in terms of how much I should share personally, like, I probably I should probably share a little bit less personally than I used to, because I used to share a lot of photos with my kids and stuff, and more stories of what it was like parenting and a little. But as they get older, I didn’t want to try and respect their privacy a lot more, to let them have their own story. And also like, you know, Starry, oh my god, this sweet little button. She’s nearly 14. And like, first week of a new school she went to she went to a digital class and the digital teacher made them Google their own names, as it’s just just to be aware of their own, like cybersecurity and things like that. And she was like mama, mother, like there was just pages and pages and pages of results. And my teacher asked me if I was an influencer. And I was like, sorry, sorry. And she was like, and then I found my birth story, where you’ve written in great detail about giving birth to me, including photos of you when you’re obviously you just put a flower in front of it like, fucking hell!

Madison Beaufort 29:25
You don’t think about it do you?

Leonie Dawson 29:30
Thankfully like we have really good connected relationship. And she’s so emotionally intelligent. She was just like, alright, I understand why you did that. I completely understand. I just want you to know, I don’t feel great about this. And I was like, of course, you know, would you like me to do like a full cleanse of you from essentially? Yes, yes, I do. So, and she was like, I noticed that it stopped when I was two. Like she so she knows. She knows

Madison Beaufort 30:00

Leonie Dawson 30:00
that it was a short period of time. But yeah, thanks, good to be cleansed out of. Okay. And it also like it is strange to her to have a parent because now she’s got boys in the class that have worked out who I am. And they follow me on Facebook. And they follow like, if you’re listening to this podcast right now, like, sweetheart.

Madison Beaufort 30:22
If you listen to this, they genuinely want to start a business

Leonie Dawson 30:28

Leonie Dawson 30:30
Yeah, so and then like, I had like one kid, like, I don’t know what his intention was, but he like ran up to me on playgrounds like Leonie Dawson. I follow you on YouTube. And I just like Louis, my kids, so I was like, like and subscribe.

Madison Beaufort 30:50
Being admired by teenage boysteenage boys.

Leonie Dawson 30:53
Like, I don’t know, I just didn’t want to give him that much attention. I’d be like, whatever joined the queue.

Leonie Dawson 30:58
Like, it’s not usual, my audience is not usually teenage boy.

Madison Beaufort 31:03
Maybe you’re still thriving was there was an audience?

Leonie Dawson 31:08
I don’t mean like, I just think they do it because they’re obsessed with my daughter and who wouldn’t be because she’s fucking incredible.

Madison Beaufort 31:14
I wish I could be Starry when I grow up.

Leonie Dawson 31:16
I know. Me too. Me too.

Madison Beaufort 31:19
Okay, so imagine I am 20 Something about to start a business, I have no idea where to start, I have no idea what to do. I just have this idea in my head, I go, Oh, I couldn’t I could do something. What’s what’s the best resources? And what are your tips to go okay, this is where you should start?

Leonie Dawson 31:38
So the thing is, like, yeah, you’ve got the best job of all you get to play, you get to experiment, you get to try all the fucking things. So write a like a big ol list of things that you’ve ever wanted to try out. And it may come in, like different forms and you’re expecting, so I don’t recommend just like, just quitting a job in order to explore yourself. Like, yeah, that was one of my questions. Yeah, like, Fuck, no, keep a job. Because that is your seed funding for your best life. That is the place where you’ve always got cash coming in. And it’s actually really hard to play and explore and experiment and try new things. When you are totally terrified all the time of how to feed yourself and how to pay rent. That’s not a fun, helpful place to be. And I don’t think you like you can just give yourself the freedom and you’re not like on a big, you’re not on a race, just try and enjoy, like that part of the journey. And so like, I did so much crazy shit. Like, I tried belly dancing for fuck sake. You know, like, anything that had crossed my mind, I took like, 12 different subjects at university, like I was studying art history at one point, and

Leonie Dawson 32:44
just all the different things I was playing and trying and seeing what business model would work really well for me, and what I love doing and where I was getting economic traction as well. And there’s no shortcut to that, because there’s no like one right way to run a business. And it’s also going to rely on your, your specific desires and skill set. Yes, yes. And you got to just try all them out. Everything I’ve done has been a blessing and contributed to this, including my office jobs like I even now when I’m doing

Leonie Dawson 33:16
when I’m doing like my monthly data days, my spreadsheet and stuff like that. I do traffic like reporting on them, which is like green, yellow, red compared to like, where they are compared to my goals. And that’s something I learned in fucking financial reporting at Department of Industry, you know, you get all of these experiences, like doing website redesigns, when you’re in the thick of it in a corporate environment, like this is a larger ship. And then you do it in person and you’re like, Oh, this is a load of shit. But I know that it’s a load of shit. Like it’s just hard work. So it’s a process so like, everything is a gift. Everything is leading you to success. Everything is an opportunity.

Madison Beaufort 33:54
I love it. Me too. So awesome. Isn’t it? The the possibilities for us when we just Yeah, go for it.

Madison Beaufort 34:03
Yeah, okay. So I wanted to ask what a couple of your favorite moments are like from your, your business your career. You’re just like memories that you like, Oh, I remember that was such a fundus like that’s Yeah, and I guess we’ve talked about a little bit but yeah, do you have any little pop up?

Madison Beaufort 34:20
Oh, before that

Leonie Dawson 34:27
break him sweets down. Break.

Madison Beaufort 34:35
Delicious. You’re asking that question? Yeah. Okay, so the next question that I would love to know about is beautiful special moments in your business, your career? Any comes to mind that you’re proud of?

Leonie Dawson 34:50
I mean, one is the internal thrill. Like when I create something and I’m like, This is fucking rad. Like this is fucking delicious. You know, this is scrumptious.

Leonie Dawson 35:00
I remember like when I wrote, during quarantine, I wanted to gift myself

Leonie Dawson 35:05
writing a romance novella, because I really like obviously porny books.

Leonie Dawson 35:12
And I also was afraid of doing it. I was like, fuck, if I’m afraid of it, I have to try it, I have to try it. And I had to like, also, like, talk through it with like Chris and one of my besties, who’s a book editor, I was just like, I’m really like, like, there’s obviously there’s so much desire there to do it. And there was also some fear about doing it, because it was something I’d never done before. So talking through it, and then like, fucking going all in gonna do it. And then, you know, it only took me about maybe 10 days to write it. And we’re pretty fast writer and also doesn’t take that much time to write a book. If you’re not like, if you don’t have your head stuck up your own asshole and indecision and like, Oh, God, is this good enough? Like, fuck it, just write it anyway. Yeah. It’s like what I teach in 40 days to finish your book, because you can’t finish a book in 40 days, you just need to stop thinking about finishing like writing a book and just write the fucking thing. It’s not that hard, isn’t it? I teach how to self publish that hey, yeah. So publish or print on demand, or published or get a publishing deal? Yeah, there’s so many options, so many options. And what are we talking about? We were talking about?

Madison Beaufort 36:18
Moments in your career.

Leonie Dawson 36:19
Oh, yeah. Yes. Okay. So I remember like, the moment when I finished that book, and I just cried, I was just so happy with myself for giving myself the gift of that creative time. And I think anytime I’ve created like, something, and I’m just like, fucking delete any fucking chair. Like, I’m so proud of you, like, internally, it’s just such a thrill to have done something at birth, something beautiful and new into the world. It’s just a real joy. So there’s like that internal aspect. And I probably get that more often. Because I’m quite internal. And then secondly, it is always a real joy to go out in person and, and meet people. And that’s tricky, because I’m a bit of a hermit. But like, last year, it was such a highlight to go to like the Ausmumpreneur conference in Sydney and speak there. And

Leonie Dawson 37:13
of course, yes, the high center business conference. And I remember like, I think everyone has said a business conference already kind of knew me, and like the osmanthus renewal community.

Leonie Dawson 37:24
Not everyone did. And so you know, I got out there, I did my did my talk. And I got offstage. And the thing that shocked me was that I had people like lining up to hug me who’d never heard of me before. And they were crying. And because they were like, Oh, it’s my person. Like, I found someone like me. And it’s so hard to find somebody like me in business. Yes. And that’s a real fucking thrill. And also, like, they were just such like, they were my people, too. When people like, you’re my person. I’m like, yes, your wipers. And so like, we just had glorious times, like at one point in the gala awards night, we went for hours, like six hours, and like past midnight, and I was just like, at capacity at one point. So I just went lay on the floor, like near the toilets. I was like, like, not in the toilets. Gonna be clear. But I was just like laying on the floor. And people were like, stopping and going, are you okay? I’m like, yeah, no, it’s fine. Just need some horizontal time.

Leonie Dawson 38:19
And then, like, these beautiful humans who connected so much with me, though, can I come and lie down with you? And I’m like, Yes, please. And so we just found this huge cuddle puddle on the floor. And it was just, I don’t know, there’s half a dozen people like ever and people would keep coming and leaving and like, and it just kept getting added to it just like this organic little pile of puppies on the floor. And sway spooning, like just people I’ve never met before it was beautiful. I love that sort of shit. So yeah, I love when I can turn up and just be all of myself and if that can be some kind of lighthouse for another person. I’m like an all over it. Yeah, and your that for so many people. I sidenote I because I went to the heart center business conference. And it was phenomenal. But I so I only knew you from school. Right? I knew that you did online work.

Madison Beaufort 39:08
I didn’t really know how big or anything you were. I walked in and I was I realized I was like with a celebrity. I was like I know that sounds silly like I know a celebrity in your world but people like we’re like I just I was I was like whoa and just the amount of love people feel for you and and how close and how close they feel because they cuz you’re so honest in in life and online. That you’re the exact same person in life so they feel Yeah, you have this like really intimate connection with your audience, which is amazing. But I was shocked I was like, I Leonis actually famous

Madison Beaufort 39:48
people like Oh, you’re here with Leonie Dawson and I was like oh what is this?! It’s crazy.

Leonie Dawson 39:56
It’s like it’s because like, you know, I’m just Leonie with you guys

Leonie Dawson 40:00
I like you know, and most of my friends have no fucking clue like

Madison Beaufort 40:04
I know

Leonie Dawson 40:04
like they kind of know but they’re like, whatever. It’s like our friend Braun was like, do you have a website, Leonie? Oh well done! Well done!

Madison Beaufort 40:13

Leonie Dawson 40:15
I was like that’s so Braun. fuck like we’ve been friends for 5 years and he still doesn’t have a fucking and it’s the greatest because she doesn’t know it she doesn’t care. That’s how I like it.

Leonie Dawson 40:27
Yes, yeah it’s phenomenal.

Leonie Dawson 40:29
Yeah. It’s like Leonie. No, this is just Leonie and then there’s the Leonie Dawson. Yeah, you’re here with the Leonie Dawson.

Leonie Dawson 40:39
Okay, all right. It’s like Deb. Deb is so funny. She’s a massage therapist in Canberra. And so I always say to people, like publicly like, oh, go see one of my besties Deb, She’s incredible. Deb has a very dry sense of humor. And they’ll be like, Ah, I heard about you from Leonie. You know, the Leonie Dawson. And she’s like, Yeah. Her And they’re like, What do you mean? Like, are you best friends? Would you say well, I’m her best friend, but she’s not really my best friend.

Leonie Dawson 41:09
Then she’ll say like, have you met her in person? And they’re like oh not yet and she’ll be like well just lower your expectations.

Leonie Dawson 41:16
That’s such a dry sense of humor. She just gets she’s gets an absolute fucking thrills out of it. And I think it’s fucking hysterical.

Madison Beaufort 41:23
That’s great.

Leonie Dawson 41:24
Hard. Deb. That is so funny.

Madison Beaufort 41:27
Oh, that’s golden. I love that.

Leonie Dawson 41:30
But yeah, I just

Madison Beaufort 41:30
She’s listening to this now like oh my god, she’s obsessed with me.

Leonie Dawson 41:34
Absolutely is absolutely is and that she also likes to pit me because she’s got another very dear best friend. And I’ve never met her. And she’s known Deb for longer than me. So there’s this real this is like, I feel a real rivalry between me and this person. And if Deb’s listen to this, she knows exactly who it is. And Deb plays up with it. She’s like, Oh, well, I just spoke to you know who and I was like, and?

Madison Beaufort 42:03
I don’t care!

Leonie Dawson 42:04
I just went to Hawaii for five weeks with her. Fuck off! Ugh whatever!

Madison Beaufort 42:11
Who wants to go to Hawaii anyway?

Leonie Dawson 42:13
I’ll voicemail her like I’m your number one best friend. This is the number one best friend. It’s Leonie by the way. Of course. Only there’s only one best friend in your life. I’m so possessive.

Madison Beaufort 42:23
Oh, it’s beautiful. It’s a friendship real and so possessive.

Leonie Dawson 42:27
Yeah, I know. I know. This is true. I want her to have such a good life. And I want her to go to Hawaii for five weeks with amazing people. But I also want to be her most favorite person in the world. Is that Is that too much to ask?

Madison Beaufort 42:39
No, no,

Leonie Dawson 42:40
thank you.

Madison Beaufort 42:41
Don’t feel like you’re too much.

Leonie Dawson 42:42
Hey hey hey

Madison Beaufort 42:43
in fact, I think you should amp it up a little bit. Let’s go even harder. Yeah,

Leonie Dawson 42:48
Well, you can meet Deb and then see yeah, see how we can play into this?

Madison Beaufort 42:52
Yeah, fantastic.

Leonie Dawson 42:53
It’d be so fun.

Madison Beaufort 42:56
One of my last ones, where do you see yourself? Because what you like did you see yourself being where you are today? Back then?

Leonie Dawson 43:03
No, no, no, I was just like, honestly, my only thing was like Ah, it would be really good if I could, like build a shed on my parents property to live in and just like live real cheap, have like, a veggie patch and stuff to live off. And if I can just not send my kids to daycare. That would be like, That was actually my biggest goal.

Madison Beaufort 43:21

Leonie Dawson 43:22
I don’t know. I just felt really strongly about daycare.

Madison Beaufort 43:23
Yes, yeah. Yeah.

Leonie Dawson 43:25
But then I have friends who have like, send their kids to daycare and it’s fucking amazing. And then sometimes I look back at like, how hard like the early years were and I was like, maybe would have been nice if you believed in daycare a bit more.

Madison Beaufort 43:36
Too late

Leonie Dawson 43:37
Too late

Madison Beaufort 43:37
like you could always have another one.

Leonie Dawson 43:38
Yeah, no, no.

Leonie Dawson 43:41
No universe. No, no, no, no, I know. I got my tubes. Like, yeah. completely decimated. To prevent it from happening, right.

Madison Beaufort 43:49

Leonie Dawson 43:50
I’m like, Really, I’m just not good at being pregnant. Like, and it’s too life threatening for me,

Madison Beaufort 43:53
which is such a shame because you’re such a good man.

Leonie Dawson 43:55
Thank you. Thank you.

Madison Beaufort 43:56

Leonie Dawson 43:56
Yes. And I make such incredible humans.

Madison Beaufort 44:00
Yes. The best humans really? Yeah. So beautiful.

Leonie Dawson 44:03
I know. But also I think like, it’s, it’s probably good like to I’m pretty maxed out executive functioning, really can’t be shared with anything more. So and I also know about myself that I do get very clucky because I was only going to have one child. And then Beth came to visit me in a dream and said that she was I was her mommy. And I was like, oh, no, no, no. And she’s like, No, I promise you’re my mommy. And I worked Chris up and I was like, we’ve got to have another baby. It just came to visit me and he’s like, What the fuck what the fuck?

Leonie Dawson 44:33
We’ve spent like, years, like three years you saying very fervently, No, only one child because I wasn’t coping very well. And I thought once it pops, I created a perfect child to begin with so why would I make more? So I know that there’s this clucky capacity inside me. And if I get that dream visited by another one, I will be like, Oh, who cares if I nearly died last time and spent most of my time in hospital in emergency because I don’t really stick with my parents ideas. Ah, who fucking cares.

Leonie Dawson 45:04
It was so nice. So that’s right, just decimate that just take those ovaries away from me

Madison Beaufort 45:11

Leonie Dawson 45:11
And then when Beth was born and she was so fat and so cute. And she slept so much.

Madison Beaufort 45:16
Ah, perfect.

Leonie Dawson 45:17
Yeah. And I was like, Chris, we need to have another baby. We know that I can’t do this again. Too life threatening. Let’s foster let’s adopt. Let’s have more. And he’s like, no, no child. Not for Not today. Not ever. And good call. Good call.

Madison Beaufort 45:37
Well done.

Leonie Dawson 45:37
Yeah, somebody’s gotta have the same sense. And it’s him.

Madison Beaufort 45:41
Yeah, yeah. Yeah, he’s the rock isn’t he?

Leonie Dawson 45:44
He is the rock beneath my wings

Madison Beaufort 45:47
The rock beneath your wings?

Leonie Dawson 45:50
I don’t know

Madison Beaufort 45:50
Just imagining

Leonie Dawson 45:51
Just stoning the crow. Just stoning the crow.

Madison Beaufort 45:57
Okay, so you never ever thought which I think caused all women because who’s going to who’s going to dream like, openly or like that be that they can be that without the fear of it. And it’s so awesome to see that you’ve you’ve gone from just wanting to not send your kids to daycare like it just wanting and to where you are. So where, where do you see yourself going? Like, how is it a bigger picture now? Or is it the same or no?

Leonie Dawson 46:21
Pretty, pretty simple. I mean, I don’t wanna live in shit anymore. Fuck off. Like, it’s probably way too hot. I quite like having a nice big house. It’s lovely. It’s actually delicious.

Leonie Dawson 46:32
So I think like just the biggest dreams is I would like to do some traveling. I’d like to go to England and maybe do some like, just drawing about it. Like, it’s still pretty simple dreams. I think.

Madison Beaufort 46:47
Where do you see you in 10 years?

Leonie Dawson 46:49
I just like more of the same richer, of course, because that’s my destiny, obviously now. And just like navigate all the different experiences of life, you know, like, I’m going to be 50 then and there’ll be a whole other big bunch of life lessons to learn. And I would like to just keep on feeling them, experiencing them and then creating and sharing that experience in whatever ways I can. And yeah, I like I’m not a girly that’s like, oh, I need to go overseas every three months or anything like that. It’s like, if I can have one or two good trips, that’d be amazing. Like, it doesn’t take much to amuse me.

Madison Beaufort 47:30
Yes, yeah. Yeah. How lovely.

Leonie Dawson 47:33
Yeah, it’s good fun. Yeah. And then also just like, as I can continue to reinforce our financial life, then it’s also looking at, like, what more I can do with philanthropy and those kinds of things. And eventually, like, it’ll be a stage of like, once the kids have left school. What next? Because, I don’t know, it might be nice to be a little bit like spend part of the year living in other places as well, because I quite like that kind of thing. It’d be nice to like, leave in Canberra for three months of the year because I still love Canberra and or Tasmania or there might be some other soul place that I want to spend more time in.

Madison Beaufort 48:10
Yeah. Oh how lovely. Okay,

Leonie Dawson 48:14
Fucking nailed it

Leonie Dawson 48:22
You just listened to the podcast, and it was fucking great.


Thanks for sharing this glorious journey with me, my loves!

Big hugs,



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