Hola petals!

Welcome back to the third regular instalment of my scrapbook… pictures + words + rambly goodness of what I’ve been up to and what I’m thinking!

leonie moving

First and foremost, let me just say: I’ve reached that special time in moving where I hate everything.


Less a week to go before we move back to the Berra.

I thrive in stability + groundedness. I think most people do, really.

As I type this, my office is a half-packed disaster zone. There is a tradie upstairs laying new carpet. The dogs are barking like tiny, fluffy morons because a Stranger Dare Enter Their Space. Beth can’t have her proper nap because of hammers + nails + barking dogs.

beth box


She mostly just amuses herself though.

beth rainbow hat

With hats.

toy store

I took my kids to the toy store on the weekend. And by “toy store” I mean “I pulled out the couches to reveal the cornucopia of treasures that had worked their way into Couch Narnia”. #realparenting #realtalk #mylifeissooooooopinterestworthy


A day in the life of Leonie. This is what it looks like at the moment. A big blend up of family & work. We don’t have a nanny at the moment, me & Chris (him especially) are pretty hands on at the moment. Mostly good, sometimes hard. I try and get to bed at 8:30 at the moment so I can have a good 2 hour read before I fall asleep.

office mess


My desk looks like how I feel right now.



dog haircut

We got Fluffy Angel groomed in preparation for her + Charlie to get flown to Canberra (we usually go with JetPets – they have been very lovely. My husbo is a worrier, and they defo help with his nerves at least. It’s not about the dogs! It’s about the husband! Hahaha!)


tassie going away gifts

Had a beautiful time going to Pancake Train again to say goodbye to all the sweet women I’ve met since coming here. They gave me gifts which so touched my heart. Including a scrumptious pastel version of “Oh The Places You’ll Go” which made me teary… oh the places I’ve been already.

love squish


best ebooks

After a couple of years of being a total Kindlehead, I am definitely straying back to printed book land. I just enjoy reading more when it is a print book!!! Apparently, this is totally what the market is doing too – e-book sales are dropping, and printed book sales are rebounding!

I still read Kindle books when I can’t easily access the print version. Above is the list of some of the best books I’ve read this year in Kindle format. I will do my usual yearly roundup of all my favourite books in 2015 in December. (2014, 2013, 2012 lists here)

coloring book

New colouring in printable ebook in the works. Any requests? What do you want to colour?

last chance harvey
Watched this last night. It was beautiful and gentle. Also: #romanticcomediesaretheonlythingIwatch
gretchen rubin quote

In my journal. A quote from my favourite Gretchen Rubin + her fabulous new book.

beth leonie tough on sm

I’m endlessly grateful that I have you all as my girl posse. You are strong, courageous, thoughtful & loyal. I feel so supported by all of you, and I am thankful. You make me braver because I know I am held with love. And I truly hope you have a beautiful day filled with tiny miracles.

Just the threeeee of ussssssss. Plus Elsa. Plus Chris who has the distinctly male disease of hating cameras.

how the mighty fall

Bloody brilliant. Another book I highly highly HIGHLY recommend!

i love periscope

I really dig Periscope (the latest social media app which does live video streaming with live comments. FUN!). Just cooked dinner with a bunch of sweet chicks yakking away. Starry wants to be a Periscoper when she grows up and do a cooking show. I am utterly unprofessional and notttttt concise on Periscope.

Very rambly and always interrupted by kids and phone calls. It’s always a liquorice allsorts… Sometimes sacred, sometimes funny, sometimes boring, sometimes interesting… Always real. It’s hypnotic and addictive and I love hanging out with you all in there. It’s so intimate!!! And immediate!!! (You can download the app here – I’m Leonie_Dawson there! Find me! Come play!)

Have a great day, sweet souls!

Big love,