Hola sweet kittens!

I shared a cornucopia of good things last month.

I’m on creative fire… I feel guided by angels + in tune with my intuition.

It’s a wonderful, wonderful feeling.

I’ve missed it.

Anywaysies… incase you missed any of the Good Things… here’s our radiant roundup!


On Trolls, Vulnerability + Speaking Your Truth Anyway


It’s taken me 18 months to write this.

Read more here to hear my raw, honest post on trolls, vulnerability + speaking your truth.

Letters From My Trolls Answered


I didn’t expect such a huge, huge response to my last post sharing my experiences of trolling.

I’ve debated back and forth about doing a follow up post, replying to letters from trolls + critics.

I’ve ended up doing it. And I’m proud of it.

In thirty years, I’ll be able to do an even better job at this.

Being humans is messy, and hard.

Let’s go gently with each other.

See the post here.


adventure canberra

We’re Moving…

Yep, we’re moving again, my loves.

I’m heading back to the ‘Berra, where it all began.

Back to the land of art on fingers + tipis + goddess circles + deep belly laughs. To stone circles + white trees + kindred folk.

Find out more here.

Last month I launched a new podcast.

(You can subscribe here on iTunes!)

AND published three episodes.


How Do I Know What To Do With My Life? How Do I Choose Between My Passions?

2 of the most common q’s:

“How do I know what to do with my life?”
“How do I choose between my passions?”

Check out my A’s to your Q’s here.


How to Plan a Real Retreat for a Virtual Team

So, a couple months back, I got my Chief Operations Officer Grant/Grantacular/Walking Heart On Legs to run a US team retreat for the company. It ended up being a wonderful, useful, powerful time that was life and biz changing.

I asked him to write a big ole blog post with photos + videos of exactly what went down, and why + how you should do the same for your biz.

Okay love muffins, read on here.

Dear Mamas


Dear mamas,

Please do what you need to do to tend to you, extraordinary you.

Your family needs you thriving again. We all do. And most of all… you need you to thrive too.


Read on here.


Kardashian-gate: Why I don’t think Kardashian Kids is a good idea + how some people think I’m a “Loco Bitch” for my views

Jeeeeeepers. I can talk about vaccinations. I can talk about post natal depression. I can talk about most things on the Internet. SAY ANYTHING BUT DON’T YOU DARE SPEAK BADLY OF THE KARDASHIANS.

I’m totally cool with having a discussion about things. I’m cool with people asking questions, or wanting further clarification, or simply saying: “That’s not my read on that.”

But the name calling? The abuse? Not okay.

Read more of the post here.
grant online world addiction

Internal Notifications: One Man Turns Off His Phone + Listens To His Heart

This is a blog post written by Grant, our Chief Operations Officer + brother from another mother.

For as long as I’ve known him, Grant has struggled with his addiction to his phone, his computer + work in general. Like many of us. Like all of us.

He wrote this burst of an eloquent sharing about his addiction + healing from that addiction this afternoon.

I adored it + wanted to share it with you. Illustrations are mine.

Enjoy it here.
1 question 2 answers

1 Question // 2 Answers: How Do You Make Sure You Don’t Overplan +Underdo?

NEW! Blog Series: 1 Question, 2 Answers!

I thought what would be super fun would be to grab an audience question from you magical lot, and answer it TWICE.

Me + the Grantacular have been doing a bit of teaching lately and by using our different modes + experiences, we could answer one question with two answers that were more holistic + made more sense to more people.

So I thought it would be fun to try it out blog style.

Click here to check out this new blog series.

And another new blog feature… Leonie’s Scrapbook!

Because I miss ye olden days of blogging where I just shared words + images + wove them together into a tapestry of life.


A Prayer For The Fuck-Ups

The older I get, the more I realise how infinitely, utterly, painfully, excruciatingly human I am.

The past couple of weeks have made me see this all the more clearly.

And sometimes I get scared. That if I keep finding places I need to heal… keep finding mistakes I’ve made + wounds I carry…

How on earth do I carry on with self-belief and courage?

Read the whole post here.

The Story Of A Fuck-Up

For one, moving. For two, that sleep-recalcitrant toddler. For three, we have sick, snotty kids.

But most of all, this week, I’ve come up against the hard parts of myself. The bits that still need healing.

Basically, I fucked up.

Read on!
Latest Release - Shining Habits System logo

LATEST ACADEMY RELEASE #1: Shining Habits System

In this new workshop, I’m taking you behind the scenes + sharing the exact system I use to turn my yearly goals in life + biz into daily habits.

Proven by research as powerful + effective, this habit system will help you create the daily, weekly + monthly habits you need in order for your biggest dreams to come true.

Go check it out!!!

LATEST ACADEMY RELEASE #2: Mother’s Meditation + Healing

A soft, gentle breath in of compassion. A long exhale of release.

Listen to it when you are feeling depleted, lost, starving for soul space.

Use it when you are drained + cranky. Use it when your well is running dry + when your cup is empty.

It’s time to fit the oxygen mark. It’s time to thrive.

Click here to read more.
square heart

Phwoar… Big month!

I’m so very proud of it!

This is just the beginning.

May your day be big, blessed + bright,