Howdy party people!

So, I like to do these things on the reg. (Reg, I have decided is short for regular. Just go with it.)

Sometimes shit gets lost on social media. And I like these journals and scrawlings of tiny moments. To document them in a scrapbook here for you.

Also… if you haven’t checked it out yet… there’s been a few big treasures I’ve shared lately… please do check them out… I am muchos proud of these creations!

Have you checked out any of these treasures yet?

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Now… bae… go get yoself a cup of chai… and let’s have a good catch-up, yeah?

1 girls date


(And LOOOOOK at Mermaid Daughter #2’s babycino-mustache! I DIE!)

2 womens circle

Awwwwwwwwwwwww yeah… A day I look forward to all month… Women’s Circle!!!!!! I did this painting about 9 years ago. Hunting for this image, I look at all the adventures I’ve had and beautiful souls I’ve met and I am so proud of myself for seeking that out and creating it and also just ridiculously lucky as well. I’m so glad.

When women circle, miracles happen!

3 cranky children

I’ve been up since 6am with the fighting, cranky, yelling children. My ears are broken. I’ve just offered to take the kids out for the morning to give dear husband a break because he is sick. Please let the parenting fairies be with me. Four more hours until I can run away to the office.

4 wellness hub

I did another speaking gig… this time at the Wellness Hub gathering. This is me at buttfuck o’clock waiting to get a hot chocolate and donut… I mean… green smoothie and speed enema. 😉

5 well hub

All set up to speak! Hooray! Gift bags and pop up banners ahoy! Feeling so ducking PROFESH!!!!


All the lovely ladies at the Wellness Hub… shout out to sweet Imogen who has been to two of my events now… a very devoted fan at just a couple of months old!

wellnesshub4  wellnesshub2 wellnesshub

Teaching them a client manifesting meditation I’ve been doing for a few years… I will release to our Academy members soon!

6 girlsquad

Laughing my butt off… I told my team this morning they were like my Girl Squad… so one of them immediately made this… BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

7 out in the world

Have been so out in the world lately… Which has been so good and a lovely change and so good to meet beautiful souls and give awkwardly long cuddles… Aaaaaaand I’ve also used up any extrovert energy and am ready for some solid hermit time in my cave. Routine & quiet creating is my boo 4 lyfe.

9 sonya engagement

And those, right there, are the eyes of a woman in love. Congratulations to my darling BFF and COO @sonyaforrest… Her beautiful partner proposed on her birthday!!!! I’m so happy for them both… She is one of the best people I know, and he is her equal. Two Taureans pledging to love each other under a Scorpio Full Moon. That’s some powerful magic right there. What a blessed day!!!

10 thumbs up

Breakfast in the garden & trying to teach Mermaid Daughter #2 how to do a thumbs up. So close, boo!

11 needle felt

I made this needle felted “painting” a few years ago just before I got pregnant with Mermaid Daughter #2, and it’s been hanging over Mermaid Daughter #1’s bed ever since. She adores it! Had to do some repair work on it… The Angels were falling off. This is it all done and ready to hang again. Next, onto a brand new needle felted painting to give to Mermaid Daughter #1’s kindergarten room.

12 dymaxion map

Made a Dymaxion Map… A little project out of the latest Smith Journal magazine.

13 lest we forget

What I shared on Anzac Day:

I don’t know much of what to say, but I must say something. Thank you for what you did out of love for your families. We remember the suffering, the trauma, the gaping loss, the sweeping pain. May we never know what you knew. May we remember what you taught us. May love, peace, compassion and understanding light the way. Lest we forget. Always love….

14 finished felt

Doesn’t look as scrumptious on phone camera… It’s all wooly and soft and textured IRL. Still here’s a little needed felted wall hanging I made for Mermaid Daughter #1’s kindergarten room. Finishing this off gave me something to focus on… I yawned and dislocated my jaw again and haven’t been able to pop it back on. Hypermobility can be a total kick in the vag.

15 in city

I’m in the city
watching the sun set
through the buildings.

16 celeste

Holy shot, Celeste Barber is my spirit animal. I spent two hours laughing louuuuudly over every single one of her photos taking the piss out of celebrity social media and showing Chris all my favourites. He thought it was funny the first five minutes… Hours on… Not so much. DON’T CARE I AM SOOOOOOOO IN LOVE.

17 stickers

BE PREPARED TO CREAM YOUR PANTIES!!!!!!! You asked and asked and whinged and asked and requested and asked… And I finally submitted to your dominatrix ways… 2017 diary-planners will come WITH SHEETS OF STICKERS… Commence creaming in 3… 2…. 1……

18 mobile whiteboard

Somebody just put together my new mobile whiteboard! Somebody is making a brand new video studio for teaching new Academy courses! Somebody is hottttttttttttttttt!

19 beth in the paints

Mermaid Daughter #2 got into my paints and dirty paint water today, spilling it on the floor. This is a regular occurrence. My art shit is spread everywhere across the house.

This time, Chris thought it would be funny to play a practical joke on me and pretend to lose his temper over it.

“That’s IT!!! NO MORE PAINTING INSIDE THE HOUSE!!! You and the girls can only paint outside from now on! NO MORE ART IN THE HOUSE!!!”

He totally got me. I took a deep breath in, getting prepared to battle this to the death, inciting my inner Goddess Kali fury…

When he grins at me.

“Just kidding! Ha! That’s positively sacrilegious… Banning creativity in the house! Ha! I know I’d be the one kicked out of the house if I meant that! You were about to pop a gasket when I said that!!!”

And then we laughed and kissed.

And we all lived happily and messily ever after.

20 injured foot

The foot I injured nearly a year ago has been acting up… Making walking & exercising painful…. This afternoon I was feeling particularly achy & sludgy & inflamed & toxic… So I left the kids with husbo and went for a swim and spa and sauna at the local. What a relief. Then treated self to a wander in the bookstore sans children (bliss!) and a juice & salad. I basically feel like one of those stock photos of women laughing with their salad.

That’s it folks – same time + place next time?

HUGE love,