My sweet treasure of a friend Lizzy Goddard is running a 4 day summit with 29 guest speakers! It’s a business BONANZA brimming with the best of the best. And naturally I’m one of the speakers… #humble


But seriously babes, show of hands if:

🙋‍♀️ You’re an online business owner selling digital products or services

🙋 You’re curious about the explosion of low ticket offers in the online space

🙋‍♀️ You’ve already got a low ticket offer but want to sell more of it

🙋 You don’t have a low ticket offer yet, but want to add one to your biz

If any of the above had your hand in the air then you’re oh so cordially invited to an amaaazing virtual event from 10th – 13th July 2023: Low Ticket Live! 🎟️

Low Ticket Live is meant to inspire you to create your next high-value, low ticket offer with fresh strategies from the top innovative brains from the online business world.

29 online business owners will be sharing their juiciest ideas & insights about creating, positioning, marketing & selling low ticket offers!

Here’s what I’ll be talking about:

Yeaaaah. It’s gonna be pretty fucking epic if I do say so myself.

Keen to hear some other voices too? I GUESS I understand… 😇

I’m uber excited to hear:

🌈 My biz bestie Tash Corbin sharing how you can upsell with integrity

🦋 Sharee Collier telling us the hot goss on how she used FREE virtual summits to grow a community of 20K+

🔮 Kenz Soliman spilling the beans on the magic of the collective: how to grow your audience the fun organic way!

And that’s just THREE of the 29 absolute babe-alicious babes that are gonna be babing it up. I think I’ve said babe too many times now, it’s gone all funny…

ANYWAYS! Scurry on over to get all the details and register for your FREE ticket to Low Ticket Live ASAP!

Here’s to you and your ever-growing, ever-thriving biz & life!

Big love,

P.S. I’m using an affiliate link for Lizzy’s summit! This won’t make a difference to you but it means if you purchase anything I’ll get a small commission. Totes grateful for this!