Possum blossoms,

Are you tired of not manifesting the results you want in your business?

Does it feel like you’ve been able to manifest some AMAZING things in other areas of your life but when it comes to getting enough paying clients you still feel stuck?

You’re not into manipulative sales tactics or coming across as pushy and thoughts, instead you want to feel genuine within yourself & your biz?

Well, you’re in luck my love because this is exactly why I was thrilled when my {friend/colleague} Spiritual Business Coach, Kadidja Yansane invited me to be an expert in her Free Training series, Manifest Clients Now: Amplify Your Confidence and Get Fully Booked in Any Economy. 

Throughout this video training series you will learn practical and spiritual tools from me and over 20+ Business & Client Manifestation experts on how to:

  • Attract a Steady Flow of High-Paying Clients
  • Nurture a Mindset For Success in Your Business
  • Charge MORE Money with Greater Confidence
  • Overcome the fear of putting yourself out there
  • Own the value of your gifts, products and services
  • Tap into your Feminine Flow for Effortless Manifestation
  • Create Social Impact Through Entrepreneurship
  • Scale with Profitable Group Programs

You can register for this high vibration manifestation series HERE!

I’ve talked a lot over the years about how I had to change my money mindset. Marketing & selling are skills that you have to practice in order to grow within yourself & grow your biz!

I get how frustrating it can be to have so much to give yet feel stuck around monetizing your gifts as a coach, healer or guide. It became really clear to me that there must be some piece I was missing around manifesting that was keeping me from serving as many clients as I wanted to and making the money I needed to create a sustainable income for myself and my family.  If I didn’t do the work to uplevel my confidence AND master the business skills to acquire a consistent flow of clients, I wouldn’t be able to get to my next level of business success. After all, manifesting clients and making sales is the core of any business.

More is expected and desired from businesses now and there is a huge opportunity and call to create businesses that are deeply aligned with values that create a more equitable, just and compassionate world. AND you still need to make money so you can provide for your family, contribute to the things that matter to you and enjoy your life!

This training is for you:

  • If you would like to manifest clients with more ease and less effort.
  • If you are stuck in your business and you can’t seem to get to the next level.
  • Are overworking in your business and not seeing a return on your investment
  • Are searching for a more pleasurable and sustainable path to growing your business.
  • Want to contribute to social change on the planet with your unique skills and talents
  • If you are not getting a consistent flow of paying clients in your business OR you are getting some clients but you’d like to get more.

Now more than ever IS the time to serve the world with your gifts. Some have lost hope in humanity and others realize that life is too precious to waste another day in indecision and doubt about who they are and what they have to give.

If any of the latter describes you, join me and this incredible line-up of Manifestation Experts to help you Amplify your Confidence and Get Fully Booked in Any Economy.

Join us for FREE here!

I can’t wait to see what opens up for you and when you take part in these rich and soulful conversations!

Big love,