Love bugs,

You may recall back in May of this year (yes, I know, that feels like eons ago but bear with me here) I took part in The Planner Craft Pro summit, hosted by the darling Mim Jenkinson!

Well now Mim is running that same summit again and yours truly is one of many fabulous speakers taking part.

I‘m going to be talking all about how I plan my million dollar years! Grab your free ticket and learn:

  • How I plan & achieve my financial goals
  • My tips & tricks for planning
  • The tools I use to create success

All of this and much, much more is why I’m so excited to tell you about the Planner Craft Pro Summit!

“The goal for this summit is different than most. Say “Goodbye” to overwhelm because YOU will get to choose your own planning adventure!” – from the mouth of our delightful host, Mim!

All the important deets:

For 3 days, Nov 1st-3rd, Mim from Paper Planner Club is bringing you presentations from 18+ industry experts who have found ways to make planning FUN & enjoyable. You can pick from 18+ expert lessons, tutorials and presentations that relate to things at the stage of skill level YOU feel you are at.

It could be:

  • Improving your productivity & confidence
  • Researching planners & how the top industry peeps use them
  • Nailing your marketing plan & selling more
  • Learning planner-themed crafts

And and and! Look at all the lovely faces of the amazing peeps who are also taking part!

The best part? It’s totally free! 

There’s more I’d love to tell you about this summit, but I’ll let you check out all the details for yourself.

I’ve been journalling and using planners for a very long time, so I know how difficult it can be to find planning inspiration & learn planner themed crafts. How often do you find either don’t have the time or just have no clue where to even start? 

Get your free ticket for the Planner Craft Pro Online Summit and join us!

Love always,