Yay! Welcome back to my monthly tradition where I review my life & business & share behind-the-scenes numbers as well.

I’ll cover:

  • how I went with achieving my monthly goals
  • life blessings & challenges
  • what I’ve created in my business
  • my exact revenue, expenses and profit numbers
  • my goals for next month.

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How I went with my goals for the month


  • Settle back into work routine & get my kids settled back into school – YAY! DID IT!
  • Start weekly Pilates again (and tea and cake at my favourite cafe afterwards) – YAY! DID IT!
  • Finish my Goal Getter Life workbook planning for the year – NOPE. NEED TO DO IN MARCH!
  • Schedule school tours – ONE DOWN. STILL WAITING TO HEAR BACK ON 2 MORE.
  • Get investment house organised – PARTIALLY.


  • Finish my Goal Getter Biz workbook planning for the year – NOPE. NEED TO DO IN MARCH!
  • Do a live round launch of a course – YES!
  • Complete a Project 10% on Pinterest – NOPE. GOT BUSY WITH LAUNCH INSTEAD.
  • Mostly… get back into the swing of creating again and decide on what I want to do next! – KINDA.

What I got up to in life!

  • My kids didn’t go back to school until Feb 7. School was delayed by the government while we waited for the omicron wave to pass. They were home with us for nine weeks all up.
  • Got kids settled back into school. We were worried about how this would go as there’s been a lot of teacher transitions, but their new teachers have been wonderful. Huge sigh of relief. They’ve been in school for three weeks now and still haven’t managed to catch Covid yet. Thank goodness! We’re still waiting for their second vaccine (still two weeks away).
  • Started back at reformer pilates after taking a couple of months off over holidays. So great to be back but damnnnn I lost some strength while I was away. Ahhh well, I’m just thrilled to be back in my weekly routine of pilates followed by tea and cake at my favourite bookstore.
  • Mr D got his booster shot hooray!
  • Our 17 year old dog had a series of medical issues in the last month which meant a bunch of trips to the vets. It was wildly stressful and anxiety-inducing. Thankfully, she’s recovered, but isn’t the same as she was before. We’re lucky for every extra day we have with her, but we’ll miss her terribly when she goes. Ooof, my heart!
  • We have been doing a couple of things with our investment property that is currently empty. We spent a weekend morning sanding and re-staining the deck and got a quantity survey done.
  • We’re still in the midst of working out what we’ll do with the investment property next – whether it will be used by our ageing parents or use it as a temporary home for us to reduce our school run time.
  • I did a school tour for a possible high school for my big kid for next year.
  • I have been considering trying CBD oil to see how if it would be beneficial for my pain levels & general anxiety disorder. I did a telehealth appointment with Alternaleaf to get it prescribed (it’s legal only when prescribed in Australia). I’ll let you know how my experiment goes once my prescription arrives!
  • Got our car serviced & new tyres fitted. Which ended up being perfect timing, because then…
  • We had torrential rain for days and major flooding in our region. Our house was fine, thankfully, but it  has made transport pretty difficult. Our village centre were under water, and our bridge to get into town still is. Yesterday, school was cancelled. Today, it took us over 4 hours to do school run because of the amount of detours we had to take.

And all this combined, combined, meant that…

I had a major depressive episode. It was nowhere near as bad as my last episode 4 years ago, but it still knocked the shit out of me. At one point, I was sobbing on the floor, on the phone to my Wild Bushman Dad about how fucked I felt. And in the most emotionally aware moment of his farming life, he told me that I wasn’t myself, and that I needed to go back to my doctor to get a medication increase or counselling. So that’s what I did. It was the right thing to do.

I’m feeling much better than what I was, and am no longer weeping silently at Coffee Club, so that’s a real win. There wasn’t a real cause for it – just a combination of All The Life Things. I’m going as gently as I can, realising I don’t have much more emotional bandwidth to cope with more. A dear friend shared with me that her own recent depressive episode made her realise that the pandemic had wiped out her capacity for coping with anything more than that. I feel that.

Best Books I Read & Favourite TV/Movies

I can tell my brain has been not functioning super well, because I only finished THREE books (usually I read 20-30 in a month!)

My brain only seemed enough online to watch TV… and watch TV I did!

  • Love is Blind season 2: I got OBSESSED with this and binge watched 10 hours in 2 days. 15 people date by talking without ever seeing each other. Interesting premise, but it descended into reality tv bonkledoodlery once the couples met each other face to face. Do I regret my life choices? Yes. Will I watch season 1? Absolutely yes. Will I probably watch Love is Blind (Japan edition)? Also yes.

What I got up to in biz!

Blog posts I published

Current list of software I use to run my business:

  • Kajabi for most things in my business:
    • selling through their shopping cart
    • teaching my courses through their learning management system
    • running my affiliate program
  • ActiveCampaign to send all our marketing emails.
  • Optin Monster to create all the pop-ups, reminder windows & lead magnet forms on my website.
  • Calendly to screen interviewers and book in interviews.
  • TrustPulse for customer purchase pop-ups on the website.
  • Xero is my accounting & financial management system.
  • I host my WordPress websites on WPEngine.

More tools of the trade here if you find that kind of thing useful!

How much money I made

Total money made: $81,592

Where that income came from:

  • E-courses: $68,850
  • Passive income business: $7500
  • Goal Getter planners: $4780
  • Affiliate for Kajabi: $462
  • Shares & Ethical Managed Funds: These dropped big time over the last couple of months. That’s fine – they are long term investments, not short term ones. I’m not selling.

E-course income breakdown:

  1. Marketing Without Social Media: $56,992.94 (The launch ran into March – total launch figure was $78K)
  2. 40 Days To Create & Sell Your E-Course: $4,243.26
  3. Work Less, Earn More: $1,526.32
  4. Sales Star: $3,284.37
  5. Money, Manifesting & Multiple Streams of Income: $1,911.02
  6. 40 Days To A Finished Book: $599.78
  7. Mini workshop: Behind The Scenes of A Multi-Millionaire’s Finances: $300.53


Due to popular request, I’m going to include expenses for the business for the last month as well to give you an even more transparent look at profitability.

  • Contractors: $5,100
    This is for 1 part time Customer Service Virtual Assistant and 1 part time Online Business Manager. This is probably on the higher side for pricing, but I don’t mind paying more for people who I trust and have a long term working relationship with. I want them to feel appreciated, and I want them to be able to live good lives.
  • Donation to Red Cross Ukraine Appeal: $1,000
  • Business tax paid: $9,000 (this is a usual monthly amount, however I also have larger tax bills to pay every quarter)
  • Affiliates: $1,200 (this is to pay for affiliates for January sales. In March, we pay for February sales which were much bigger, so it will be 10x that amount).
  • Paypal & account fees: $1,200
  • Software subscriptions for everything we use to run our business online (see full list further below): $1,450
  • Website hosting: $100
  • Courses & books (for me & my staff to learn from, we are continuously learning): $557
  • Minimum purchase order to qualify for my passive income business income: $150

Total expenses this month: $19,757

Profit levels!

Total profit: $61,835

That’s approx 87% profit EBIT (Earnings Before Interest and Taxes) and 75% profit earnings after tax (EAT) – both are pretty amazing numbers.

Most businesses run on around 5-30% profit margins.

From that profit, my husband and I take salaries (that we then pay personal tax on) and pay compulsory superannuation (contributions to retirement funds).

The rest of the profit stays in the holding company, and regularly gets invested in ethical managed funds. We invest with Australian Ethical, and they’ve just shared they currently won’t hold Russian investments.

If you want more details on how we manage and grow our income streams, Money, Manifesting & Multiple Streams of Income is the course for you!

Other Money Stuff

In Feb I started trying out a new thing – Upstreet. When you shop online, Upstreet enables you to receive partial shares in the businesses you are buying from. I set it up so my Marley Spoon account is connected with Upstreet so every week I get a couple more shares. It’s pretty small amounts so far, but whatever, it’s a bit of fun, and it’s free money!

At the moment, I’m not investing surplus personal or holding company funds into ethical managed funds. It would be a good time to buy into them as prices are down, but I’m saving it as cash because we may need to purchase another property for family reasons soon. If we decide we don’t need to, we’ll shuffle the excess into ethical managed funds again.

Goals for next month



  1. HIGHEST priority: Create a new e-course 
  2. Finish my Goal Getter Biz workbook planning for the year
  3. Finish “Deep Work”
  4. Create 2 free lead magnets
  5. Finish EG course
  6. Test 5 videos
  7. Complete a Project 10% on Pinterest
  8. Batch create March & April content

It’s a joy to be here!

Thank you for sharing this journey with me.