Hi my loves,

What an absolute joy it was sitting down with Liz Nable on her podcast Media Magnet.

Liz’s description of the episode really breaks it down beautifully:


In the online course world, there’s lots of “coaches” spruiking lots of promises, but Leonie Dawson is the real deal. And I know because she’s an open book.   Leonie is, by her own admission, a wildly creative introvert who’s the former editor of the Australian Government business website, business dot gov.au and now the CEO of her own namesake company, Leonie Dawson, that’s signed up 50,000 subscribers to her database and turns over millions of dollars each year.



Leonie’s also an international best selling author, multiple-award winning businesswoman and one of the OG bloggers when blogging first came onto the scene in the early 2000’s.



Leonie swears often and calls her customers names like blossom and beautiful soul and she talks regularly about taboo subjects like ADHD, autism, money, mental health and mothering…you would think people would run from that ‘in your face’ honesty and discomfort.



But on the contrary Leonie’s attraction is magnetic and her community cannot get enough of her. I wanted to share Leonie’s story because so many women I work with in business are afraid to be authentic, they’re afraid to tell their warts and all stories, admit failure or be themselves – because they think that’s NOT what their audience or customers want.



Leonie is not for everyone. But she’s cool with that. Because the community she attracts are superfans and she’s created a $14 million dollar business off their devotion and investment. Oh and she only works 10 hours a week.



I hope you love it, warts and all…

Love always,