My loves,

June is very much a planning month, in these waters!

My darling friend (and Academy guest expert!) Mim Jenkinson is running her absolutely brilliant Planner Craft Pro Summit again this year, from June 11 – June 13.

I’ve had the honour of creating a workshop for the Planner Craft Pro Summit before and I’m THRILLED I get the opportunity to do so again, weeee!!

Honestly babes, this is your passport, your ticket and your suitcase for a personalised planning adventure. The Planner Craft Pro Summit is a FREE 3 day online event with over 30 classes for the ULTIMATE planning inspiration and planner-themed crafts.

An actual dream, I swear. But wait! There’s more!

There are over 30 expert-led sessions, tutorials, and classes for you to devour.

  • Productivity hacks? Check βœ…
  • Crafting and creative inspiration? Check βœ…
  • Exploring the world of planner-themed entrepreneurship Check βœ…

There’s something here for everyone!

Here are some of the topics that will be covered at the Planner Craft Pro Summit:

  • How to select the perfect planner
  • Create an inspirational vision board
  • Create habits that stick
  • Creating fabulous and fun crafts such as:
    • stickers
    • printables
    • planners
    • clips
    • stencils
    • Silhouette and Cricut crafts
    • and more!

Not to mention you might even be inspired to create beautiful crafts or products to share with others … or maybe even sell! Imagine!

“But Leonie, what will you be teaching?”

Oh well thank you for asking, sweet one! I’ve whipped up a brand new, never-seen-before workshop called:

Isn’t that cool?! And you get to watch it for free!

AND! Don’t forget I’m just one of 30+ speakers!

I really hope to see you there! It’s one of my favourite events of the year!

Get your free ticket for the Planner Craft Pro Online Summit and join us!

Love always,



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