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As promised, day 2 of the Shining Retreat, Canberra 2016 is here! (Missed day 1? Check it out here!)

It’s time to discover and FIX the blocks in your business that are limiting your growth!

The 6i Success System is a comprehensive diagnostic tool to help you work out EXACTLY what you need to work on next in your business in order to take it to the next level.

It sums up the 6 essential mindset habits required to create success… the habits I’ve used each day for the last 8 years to create a multi-million dollar company working part-time hours.

Recorded on Day 2 of the Shining Academy Conference held in Canberra, these three videos will help you understand the cycles of your biz and exactly what you need to do in each one.

In this intensive one day workshop, you will learn:

  • The “6i” success habits you need to see your dreams get birthed into the world.
  • How to diagnose what you need to work on next.
  • The structures and systems your biz needs so that it can grow as far as your dreams dare.

With more heart-sharings, raucous laughter + soul-truth telling, let the magic of the 6i Success System clarify exactly where your current business growth blocks are + how to fix them!

Bonus: get to see exactly how the 6i Success System dovetails with the 7 Chakra Business Model to give you a compete picture of where you are in your biz, and precisely what to do next to grow it!

Listen to “AHA” moments, sacred spirit downloads, deeply moving Q&A sessions + sharings, and never-before heard storytelling from moi about life, biz, soul + work.

Start now, and be inspired out the wazoo to focus, then surge forward in your biz in the direction of your dreams!

If you’re an Academy member, join us over here! Not a member of the Shining Academy yet? Gain access to 70+ courses now!

what peeps say about this course

“It was an amazing conference – I was amazed at how relevant the information was to me and how it’s changed the way I will manage what comes next.”
– Cheralyn Darcy
International best-selling author

“The 6i Success System is brilliant! One of the biggest challenges business owners experience when growing their business is information overwhelm and decision fatigue. What makes the 6i Success System such a unique and powerful resource is that it helps you filter out what is irrelevant to the stage of business you are at which gives you back so much time and mental space for what is important AND concisely shows you what to focus on NOW to make traction and create results. Thank you for this implementable business map that is going to serve for years to come!”
– Melissa Prince
Women’s spirituality expert

Also, if you haven’t checked it out yet… there’s been a few big treasures I’ve shared lately… please do check them out…

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