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10 Essential Abundance Habits

How I Went From Broke Creative To Multi-Millionaire CEO.

Learn the practical changes I needed to make to transform financial destiny... and how you can do the same.

40 Days To Create + Sell Your E-course

Are you still fucking about, NOT getting your e-course done?

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Money, Manifesting + Multiple Streams of Income

Want to know how I've built a multi-million dollar net worth?

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40 Days To A Finished Book

Want to get your book written, finished and out in the world, doing what it’s supposed to be doing?

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Learn the book writing + book marketing success secrets from an internationally best-selling author who has sold over a million dollars in books!

2020 My Shining Year in Life goals workbook

2020 My Shining Year in Biz goals workbook

Digital e-book available here:
Digital e-book available here:

The Power of Healing Art interview…

Treasures, An interview I did with Rita Loyd of Nurturing Art is up and ready for you to read! We talk about, you guessed it, art and creativity!!! This one isn't a podcast, it's written interview so have your eyes ready instead of your ears! Read it HERE! Big love,

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Magical Crafternoons…

Had a magical crafternoon with my sweet friend Madi. We set up a big picnic blanket with food and kombucha and art supplies and had ourselves a beautiful time under the sky. My kids joined in too. Then, once the sun became golden I dusted off my old cameras and took...

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Who Am I? (Hint: It Rhymes with Shmeonie)

Hey party people, A bunch of new followers around these parts... (HOORAY!) so I thought I'd reintroduce myself! WHO DA FUQ AMMMMM I????? Fuck meeeee, where do I even begin? How can I tie up all the parts of the rainbow that is me into words? I’m a multitude of things,...

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Getting My Creative Supplies Organised

Treasures, I’ve been feeling a bit unorganised lately... I even had a dream last night where I left my possessions strewn all over town. My art supplies have been dishevelled for the last 18 months or so as we’ve moved twice. I figured if I’m having anxiety dreams...

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A Life of Purpose podcast…

Treasures! So excited to share another wonderful podcast with you! Jan Bowen and I sat down and discussed all thing life and biz, including: Hear about my mornings and how I am a morning goddess A little bit about where I live in Australia and what it’s like We...

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How To Create A Travelling Art Journal Circle

Treasures, Not long ago I was grieving the loss of a friendship. It was odd, because the friendship had ended some years ago, and I felt quite at peace with it now. So I enquired a bit further. What was it that I was truly missing? What essence do I feel I have lost?...

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