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10 Essential Abundance Habits

How I Went From Broke Creative To Multi-Millionaire CEO.

Learn the practical changes I needed to make to transform financial destiny... and how you can do the same.

Anxiety Balm

21 days of tools + tips to calm, soothe + bring solace to an anxious soul.

I've lived with a generalised anxiety disorder for ten years. I've been on a huge healing journey to find what works. I'm here, like an anxiety big sister, to give you loving, practical tools and tips to help you manage your anxiety and transform your surviving into thriving.

40 Days To Create + Sell Your E-course

Are you still fucking about, NOT getting your e-course done?

Or are you not sure how to create the tech behind it?

Or have you created an e-course but not getting the sales you want from it?

In the space of 40 days, you are going to get your e-course DONE.  And master the tech like a pro. And start SELLING it like crazy.

This is accountability, tech + marketing advice on SPEED.

Money, Manifesting + Multiple Streams of Income

Want to know how I've built a multi-million dollar net worth?

Want to grow your own income and savings with joy and consciousness?

Join me on this practical, inspiring and FUN 4 week journey to transform your financial destiny.

40 Days To A Finished Book

Want to get your book written, finished and out in the world, doing what it’s supposed to be doing?

  • helping the people it is meant to
  • giving you expert status
  • bringing you new clients & customers
  • giving you an extra income stream?

Learn the book writing + book marketing success secrets from an internationally best-selling author who has sold over a million dollars in books!

2020 My Shining Year in Life goals workbook

2020 My Shining Year in Biz goals workbook

Digital e-book available here:
Digital e-book available here:

Free Online Training: 10 Essential Abundance Habits

Treasures! Thrilled to share this new free online workshop with you: 10 Essential Abundance Habits. Just head over here to grab your free ticket! I Wasn't Always Great With Money Maxed out credit cards. No savings. I was one broke dreamer. I was a typical creative...

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Illustrating My Day!

A page from my journal. Drawn with my trusty Uniball Eye in a Moleskine Cahier journal. With love and creative joy,

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Proud Crafty Mumma Alert!

A couple of days ago I found an old wooden stepladder in the abandoned shed at the back of our property. My nine year old immediately claimed it and decided to reno it. She did a rustic paint job with chalk paint and then collaged the top with scrapbook paper and...

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The Power of Healing Art interview…

Treasures, An interview I did with Rita Loyd of Nurturing Art is up and ready for you to read! We talk about, you guessed it, art and creativity!!! This one isn't a podcast, it's written interview so have your eyes ready instead of your ears! Read it HERE! Big love,

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Magical Crafternoons…

Had a magical crafternoon with my sweet friend Madi. We set up a big picnic blanket with food and kombucha and art supplies and had ourselves a beautiful time under the sky. My kids joined in too. Then, once the sun became golden I dusted off my old cameras and took...

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Who Am I? (Hint: It Rhymes with Shmeonie)

Hey party people, A bunch of new followers around these parts... (HOORAY!) so I thought I'd reintroduce myself! WHO DA FUQ AMMMMM I????? Fuck meeeee, where do I even begin? How can I tie up all the parts of the rainbow that is me into words? I’m a multitude of things,...

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