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2019 My Shining Year in Life goals workbook

2019 My Shining Year in Biz goals workbook

I will rain my love on you

Sick again. Roasting with fevers, my bed becoming a pool of sweat. "How much can one person get sick?" my husband asks. I shake my head. I do not know. I go to the doctor. She frowns, orders tests and x-rays. I gulp back tears. I thought she would maybe tell me I was...

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Should I charge higher or lower prices? Which is better?

Possums! Let's talk about pricing - I know it's something that can cause a lot of angst for business owners. Specifically - should you charge low or high prices for your offering? And what's the pros, cons and reasons for both? Most important thing about pricing...

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Random Life Blurts + What I’m Thinking Of

Blossoms, Let's catch up yeah... with all the things I'm thinking about. School vs homeschool... unpacking and sustainable decluttering... social exhaustion (STORY OF MY LIFFFFE!)... blogs vs social media (AGAIN!) and how I've sped up my creating! School vs homeschool...

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Links Roundup!

Treasures, Remember the days when we used to read blogs to find interesting things around the internet? And then we kind of just... gave up on the internet and started reading social media instead. Which stridently forces you to stay in social media land and not...

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Art Collab With My Kid

Possums, I've been immersed in creating art commissions this month - 31 in a month! I didn't like one I finished, so I redid it and popped the old one in the bin. My kids fished it out and my eldest sat under my desk while I painted, editing it to make it truly a...

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