A Workbook page of gratitude images… by the beautiful Goddess Michelle!

Hola beautiful hearts!

I’m back to work full time for six weeks, and my head is all aswirl with trying to get through all my inbox, sort out the weird-life uck-bluck, and adjust to not being able to do my goddess work as I used to.

If you’re waiting on an email from me… I’m doing my ding-dangly-dandest to answer it as soon as I can. There’s a bit of a tsunami of Workbook orders & Goddess School enrolments (starts in only eleven days!) at the moment, which is completely magnificent and lovely ~ I want to make sure I answer all of your questions!

I’m feeling so so so blessed by all of your love, encouragement, support, orders & joy about the workbook… it fills my heart up entirely! 🙂

First: Gift vouchers & Goddess circle packs…

I’m getting so many emails from goddesses about this…

You can now buy gift vouchers for the 2010: Creating your Goddess Year workbook & planner for your dearhearts to share the journey with them. And you can also now get five packs of the workbook to work through with your closest goddess sisters.

They are available over at the kit page.

Magical workbook created by Goddess Shirley

Second… I love you…

And your magnificence.

And I adore seeing your blogs about the workbook, and what it is bringing up for you.

Here’s an updated list of blog posts about it:

Please do let us know in comments if you are blogging about it, and you are so welcome to use the button above if you are called!

Goddess Sparkles’ Workbook!

Thirdly: Be Good With You.

You deserve it.

And when I wrote that, I wrote:

Be God With You.

And that works too.

I’m swirling in changes right now, but I know everything will work out.

My inbox will slowly become zen again. In six weeks, I’ll be finished at work. And the bit of life-uck-bluck that has happened will soon be sorted.

And it’s another good reminder for me ~ when things get hard, return back to the basics. The basics that make my life make sense.

Here’s my Basics:

1. Return to positivity. Be joyful. Don’t get too negative about what’s happening.

2. Have faith. Remember that Great Spirit is always working for me. Remember that the worst thing in the world could be the best. Remember that everything always works out beautifully.

3. Self care. That means for me turning off the computer, taking a long bath & going to bed. Resting. Loving. Adoring this life.

Want to share your basics, dearest?

We are doing so good,

P.S. Gentle reminder: Goddess School begins in 11 days!