My loves,

I have a truth bomb for you today, are you ready?

The truth is, as a business owner, you WILL make mistakes

It’s part of being human and it’s part of doing business.

You’re not alone in Mistake World. It’s filled with every single creative, business owner and human to have ever walked the planet!

What matters MOST is that you pick yourself up, dust yourself off, fix the problem that’s caused it, and carry on making your magic and miracles happen.


Have you made any mistakes? How did you move through it?

I don’t ever want to be polished, I don’t ever want you to feel like “Leonie’s got it all together”. I most definitely don’t and there’s been some real fuckups over the years guys. I even did a podcast episode earlier this year just about the mistakes I’ve made, the mistakes I’ve made last year, over the years of my business…. there is a lot.

And there’ll be more in future, and that’s a-ok. I’d rather make mistakes and grow from them rather than get stuck up my own asshole.

Here’s to us, our mistakes & our learning journey.

Love always,