Here are 7 ideas that might inspire you… or surprise you!

  1. I work with my strengths & build around my weaknesses. I know I’m shitty at remembering things, so I build systems to remember.
  2. I set multiple alarms for every meeting & appointment I have. All our business processes are detailed in Asana with walkthrough videos. This means I can easily onboard new staff as well, and I don’t have to worry about my staff forgetting things either!
  3. I know I get drained by contact with people, so I do barely any in person events and only an hour or so a month of group coaching. I restrict my Zoom meetings to the bare essential. I’m GREAT at creating, teaching & coming up with ideas, so I protect my time and energy to do that!
  4. I only hire people who are neurodivergent. I like that they are direct, say what they mean & are open to constructive feedback without their ego getting involved. Plus, in a work environment I drive neurotypical people insane (and they drive me insane too).
  5. I don’t work with a large team. I have 2 part time assistants. I’ve had a large team (i.e. 25+ people before). It burnt me out and broke my heart. Having a small, aligned team is magic for me.
  6. I work limited hours – only 10 hours a week on average. This forces me to get really intentional about what the most important tasks I need to do are. It also helps to reduce pain levels (I have back problems & hypermobility).
  7. I believe that the gifts of my brain are the REASON for my success, not a hindrance. I get that’s not everyone’s experience, but it’s what is true for me. Plus the stats back it up – the vast majority of successful entrepreneurs have ADHD symptoms (with many having official diagnosis).

Everyone is totally different, but I hope this list of ideas offers you some new tools for running your biz as the glorious neurodivergent babe that you are!

Love always,