Yay! Our new tradition! A monthly review!

I’ll cover:

  • life blessings & challenges
  • what I’ve created in my business
  • how much revenue generated
  • my goals for next month.

You can read previous monthly reviews here:

Goals I Set For September in August:

In last month’s review, I set goals for September.

Spoiler alert: I didn’t do ’em this month. And that’s okay.

  • Release new workshop (DID NOT)
  • Project 10%: Email opt-ins (STARTED, NOT COMPLETE)
  • Test tripwire product (DID NOT)
  • Weekly blog posts (DID NOT)
  • Enjoy school holidays & our mini-trip away (DID! HOORAY! SUCCESS!)
  • Stay creatively inspired! (DID NOT! LANGUISHED!)

Why didn’t I do them?

I’ve felt foggy over the last month and longer. Itchy. Percolating. Bored.

Feeling like there’s something waiting to be born, but I don’t know what it is yet.

It’s strange for me not to be super amped up & excitable & productive. But I have to trust the creative cycle. That sometimes there will be these times when nothing is happening outwardly, but there’s stuff germinating inside anyway.

Plus, there’s been a lot of life stuff happening this month… as you’ll soon discover…

What We Did On The Life Front:

  • Injured my back. Then had a car accident. It was a drama.
  • Had a sick kid at home for a week. For the first few days I thought to myself: WOAH she is really calming down! She’s way less bouncy than she usually is! Much less excitable! Parenting is much less intense when she doesn’t need new activities every 3.5 minutes. And then… she got better and all her energy came back to her. The poor love! She wasn’t chilled out! She was actually really SICK! I shouldn’t laugh, but I did snigger at myself.
  • Sometimes it feels like the carousel of sick kids is never ending. One gets on, one gets off. One gives it to us, and then we give it to each other. It’s like some kind of sick gifting circle that no one wants to be a part of. I mean… at least it’s not Covid?
  • I did a no-spend challenge in September.
  • I continued with weekly private reformer pilates classes at Noosa Flow. I have done mat pilates before, and I looooooove reformer soooo much more! It’s a highlight of my week.
  • We went away for a couple of nights to Maryborough to visit my in-laws. It was our first mini-break in yearrrrrs (we’re the worst at actually leaving the house!) We had a bonza time staying in an old Queenslander cottage with a mango tree in the backyard. It smelled like my grandmother, and I felt close to her. We took the kids to the Story Bank where the author of Mary Poppins was born. I love weird old Queensland towns, and can’t wait to go stay again.
  • We got inspired by our mini break and booked in two more weeks of holidays for over the Christmas break. EEEEEEEK LOOK AT ME SOOOOO FANCY!
  • Got my first vaccine. HOORAY!
  • Had the arborists back to prune more trees back on the acreage.
  • Had a 2 metre carpet python in our backyard! He slowly moved across our lawn and up a tree. Me and Chris stood near him and just watched in awe. Usually when we have a snake, if it’s venomous, we have the snake catcher in to remove. With the python we decided to leave where he is as he isn’t a threat.
  • We went to an epic birthday party on a farm. My eldest kid spent most of her time down in the chook shed with a hen on her shoulder. My smallest kid spent it playing on the ginormous obstacle course jumping castle. I watched them from the heated magnesium pool. It was pretty amazing all round!
  • Went out to dinner TWICE with friends! WOO! WATCH ME GO!
  • My eldest kid walked to the beach with her class for their last day of school. By the time I arrived to pick her up, she’d been playing happily in the surf for hours. I can’t believe my baby girl is all long and self sufficient and tweeny all of a sudden! I ended up taking 3 of her friends home as well after loading them up with double decker ice-creams. Honestly, the joy on their faces made me felt like I’d earned a Gold Star in Parenting.
  • School holidays: I took the kids to Cat Retreat Cafe to eat cake with kittens. It was hilarious and fun. We also did art journaling together, and the kids had a few private swimming lessons together in preparation for summer.

Books I Read:

I’ve now read over 150 books this year.

Here’s my favourites from the last month that I rated 5 stars.

What happened on the Business front:

Interviews I Did:

Current list of software I use to run my business:

  • Kajabi for most things in my business:
    • selling through their shopping cart
    • teaching my courses through their learning management system
    • running my affiliate program
  • ActiveCampaign to send all our marketing emails.
  • Optin Monster to create all the pop-ups, reminder windows & lead magnet forms on my website.
  • Calendly to screen interviewers and book in interviews.
  • Xero is my accounting & financial management system.
  • I host my WordPress websites on WPEngine.

More tools of the trade here if you find that kind of thing useful!

How much I earned:

  • Course sales: $30,000
  • Passive income business: $10,000
  • Investment property: $2,000
  • Affiliate income: $1,000
  • Managed funds: After having some stellar growth months, we didn’t get any net worth increase this month. Totally to be expected, and we’re not short term traders. We’re in it for long term growth.

Total income: $43,000.

It’s our smallest monthly income in over 12 months.

And it’s obvious I really took a lot of the month off from working. Between my back injury, the car accident, school holidays & our time away, I did bare minimum. And that’s totally okay. Right now, my focus is on my health and being a present mama to Baby Goth & The Excitable One. I’ll never, ever regret the times I put them first.

Plus: I used to earn that amount in a YEAR. I have to remind myself that $43,000 a month is nothing to be sneezed at.

I know bigger months will come again in their own sweet time. I’m glad I have a business (and investments) that allow me to follow my energy and what I need in the moment. And I’m really glad it more than takes care of me, my family & our philanthropic commitments even when I can’t and don’t work.

If you’d like a more in depth analysis of how I create & grow my income streams, and manage my money, these two courses are the best place to start:

Goals for October


  • Release new workbooks
  • Release new workshop
  • Weekly zines
  • Batch create 6 Business Success Series blog posts
  • Finish another Project 10%
  • Test tripwire product
  • Finish Project X


  • Do another 21 day challenge – decluttering & organising
  • Weekly pilates
  • Do whatever I need to do to get my creative juices flowing!
  • Finish food e-course
  • Go for 10 walks
  • Finish reading “Die Empty”

Hope this was useful pooky bears!

Thank you for being here, and thank you for sharing the journey with me!

Big love!