Hola my darling hearts,


I sometimes like to think it’s a great idea to do monthly roundups here on ze goddessbloggitybloggeroo.

But I’m learning something new about me lately:

I really, really don’t like scheduled, routine creative goals

I’m more of a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-spirit creative type.

I look back & it has been a whole season since I last did a monthly round-up.

And that’s okaysies.

Because you know what?

Looking over what I’ve created in this season, it’s no surprise at all that a monthly roundup hasn’t happened.

No roundup possible! Too busy making miracles & riding wild donkeys!


But I really like reflecting back on what I’ve already created

(& sharing it with you incase you missed it).

So it’s Best of the Goddess: Since Last Time.


It’s a smorgasbord of delicious, of divine & useful.

Everything you need right here, my love.




  The Goddess With Post Natal Depression

It took me two years to live it, and many months to write it.

It became one of my most popular posts ever.

It touched a deep chord – inside me, and inside many other mama goddesses, and women who had suffered from depression and anxiety.

  I followed it up with a Post Natal Depression Q&A // deleted scenes post. Because the original 8000+ words post couldn’t possibly contain everything I needed to share.



I fell in love with being WEIRD. And as if by magic, so did everybody else.














 How I Wrote & Self Published a Book




Did you know?
Every generation of children gets treated better and better than the last.

I know, I know. I know we beat ourselves up about parenting.

I know we whine about television & how hard everything can be for kids.

And yes, we’re still evolving and learning, and we will continue to.

But the thing that made me sigh a biiiiig exhale of relief?

Knowing that our children are treated better than we were treated. And we were raised more compassionately than our parents were. And our parents were raised more gently than their parents were.

Yes, there are exceptions to the rule. But the HUGE majority is that of love, evolution and healing.

Every generation, we are able to heal even more. Love even more. Take care of our children even more.

And it’s the most incredible thing to witness.

:: Read more here ::

(includes downloadable Life: Pretty much the best thing ever! poster)






 I teamed up with my favourite Kyeli in the world for this rambunctious & rather well-loved adventure in podcasting.


The Effing Weird podcast

  A podcast for whenever you are feeling effing weird.




I like to remind you of stuff. So I posted these reminders out the wazooooo. Please print, use, share, spread.




I released the Sacred Space Clearing Kit :: a complete toolkit to clear negative energy out of your home.

 I wrote a book!

“73 Lessons Ever Goddess Must Know” is my first book in five years.

And it’s done amazingly well – way better than I expected at all. Especially since it was really supposed to be a little self published bookywooky for a local festival here!





No round up is complete without me mentioning the World’s Biggest Summit. Me & the best assistant in the world took on this huge free project to bring 100 of the world’s best teachers to… the world. Free workshops & learnings & wisdom & love for EVERYONE!

I wanted it to be a massive, transformational healing & education experience.

And it so amazingly was.

And I’m so so happy to announce we’ll be keeping it open permanently, so that you can keep listening to the workshops over & over & sharing it on.

It was a labour of love – an assignment from the angels – but I am soooo proud we did it! We made it happen, darling hearts!!!!



Two divine videos for the BEST MONDAY EVER care of a Goddess Circle sister.


I’m beyond excited… summer is coming up here in ze Southern Hemisphere, and summer always tends to be my peak creative season… I just love projects pouring out from every orifice! Heeee!

I’m going to be releasing the Creating with Kids art workshop this week. During my period of new mama hood & PND & discovering my mamaself, I learned so deeply that I needed my creativity like I needed air. Creativity held a key to my secret self, to my spirit being aflame & alight. So I learned a new way. How to create amongst the distractions and mess and wildness of being a mama. It’s part reality TV part workshop, and wholly sacred and special to me.

The 2012: Creating your Goddess Year workbook will be finished soon too… I just love this sweet workbook that came into my life almost 3 years ago when I was pregnant & sitting in our hot Canberran backyard, writing down all my dreams for the year to come. And now it’s this big, burgeoning beauty of a thing that is used by thousands of goddesses all around the world to dream up their year.

And I’ve just spent the afternoon on an amazing beach recording a new video workshop with my beautiful friend Trish. There were rainbow twirlers & crocodile warning signs & quicksand mud & lots of giggles. I don’t know what to call the workshop yet – either Healing Goddess or Essential Energy Basics :: it’s a toolkit of all the energy clearing & protection techniques I know & think are like ze big important ones for goddesses to know.

Reminder time:

If you have a Goddess Circle membership, you actually get everything I’ve already created for free… plus everything above that I’ve created as well. I think it’s over $900 worth of products now – for a $99 membership, and the library is always being built with more resources. I know with my whole heart it’s the most generous membership program out there on the inter webs.

I give away big wet cuddle-loads of free stuff here on the blog so goddesses can really start to experience what this beautiful work & life is all about. And then the rest of my work & projects is shared with Goddess Circle goddesses. I really, really want to be able to give goddesses as much mojo, wisdom, inspiration & resources as I can to help them live their gorgeous goddess life. It’s just so exciting and divine!

And I love the amazing testimonials that the Goddess Circle goddesses share. When you truly dive deep into this work, huge miracles can (and doooo!) happen!


It’s such an incredible time to be alive, and I am sooooo blessed & grateful!


Bear hugs & angel cuddles,