Hi treasures,

As you know I’ve decided to close down the Academy + am holding a big bundle sale to release my life’s work.

I wanted to give the Academy a good goodbye, and make it a win-win-win situation for everybody involved.

And so I decided to do a Month of Magic, and give away goodies from the Academy each day.

Here’s the wins for you:

Here’s the giveaways so far incase you missed them!

The 11th giveaway: Copywriting That Sells

Firstly: let’s get to the jam. What is copywriting? And why do we need it so desperately in our businesses?

Copywriting is simply words that sell. It’s learning how to talk about your offering so that people understand what it is, how it can help them and why they should buy. It helps them answer their questions and allay their fears. It helps build trust so they can take that big courageous leap and say yes to your offering.

It is NOT ENOUGH to just share an offering without taking the time to clearly communicate in a way that resonates with your customers.

If you aren’t doing copywriting well, you are leaving VAST amounts of cashola on the table.

I’ve built my businesses which have made millions of dollars on the back of copywriting. In my experience, copywriting sells FAR MORE than anything else in marketing – including expensive videos, fancy graphic design or social media.

It’s CRITICAL to get it right.

Jump into this free workshop to help you on the path to doing copywriting right. You will see the results!


Let’s make miracles happen!

Please feel free to share along.

And just a reminder – only *13* days left to grab the rest of this workshop plus 100+ more of my courses, resources + goodies at a ridiculously good price before they are retired. I won’t be extending the sale after that, so if you want my life’s work at a wildly generous price, get in now.

May this resource transform your day, week, month… life.

With love and abundant blessings,

Just  13 days left to grab these courses

before they go away forevs!