Hola panda bears,

So: let’s face it. I’m not right for everyone.

Which is totally groovy and awesome. Because there’s like six billion peeps out there. And I’m not going to be the right peg for everyone’s hole (HAWHAWHAWHAW #teenagehumour)

So let’s talk. It’s the start of a new year. And it would be awesome if I could help you be uber clear about exactly who I can and can’t help. So you can start making decisions about whether working with me this year is the right thing for you.

Here’s my handy list for working out whether I’m the right coach/teacher for you when it comes to making your life more joyful and your business more abundant.


I am if:

  • You know I swear like a trucker. And you’re cool with it. If cursing turns you off, I’m a walking boner-killer for you.
  • You value education and know that whenever you implement it, you see results.
  • You are willing to do the work that’s needed.
  • You have a track record in implementing. You get done what needs doing.
  • You know that I’m NOT your knight in shining armour who can do it all FOR YOU. That’s YOUR job.
  • You get that I am not a fashion blogger. I never will be. I am rarely found out of pyjamas, cowboy shirts and hippy pants. It’s a little style I like to call boho hobo. I have no idea why I feel compelled to share this with you. But there you go. There it is. Out on the page. Leonie is rarely seen in the wild with brushed hair/a bra on/clothes that aren’t delightfully smooshed and mismatched. The End.
  • You delight in the fact that I’m a total woo-woo soul-centred hippy who talks about energy – in fact, that’s one of the reasons you love me! (And even if you’re still new to this whole hippy thing, you’re open to it.)
  • You adore that my programs and books are artsy, creative and have handwriting in them. Colours and rainbows and art make your little insides squee like unicorns on a sugar high!
  • You love the fact that I have such strong boundaries around abusive behaviour. You dig the fact that I fire clients who aren’t able to behave in appropriate, healthy ways. You dig that I have a B.S. clause in my life and business. These things don’t bother you at all because it wouldn’t even cross your mind to be abusive, negative or an asshole to either me, my staff or other Academy members. Your mission operative is to be as kind, supportive, joyful and loving as you can – and you love that that’s exactly the kind of environment we craft at the Academy.
  • You know how to get the support you need when you need it. You take responsibility for your mental, emotional and physical health. You own the fact that your buttons get pressed sometimes. You know how to work through those tough times. You know to utilise the service of professionals (therapists, doctors, acupuncturists, healers etc) when you need it.
  • You are money positive – in that you are okay with the idea of earning money and don’t harbour crappy attitudes about “greed” and “rich people”. If you do still have buttons about that, you own them and are actively working on them.
  • You’re NOT someone who has already done a heap of other programs that HAVEN’T worked for you. If that’s you, you’re not the right fit for the Academy or for working with me.
  • You understand that the Academy gives you access to my life’s library of work. This includes programs which are older and have lower quality video production than newer ones. The content still works, is powerful and has the backing of thousands of other clients who’ve used ’em and loved ’em.
  • You’re not a victim. You know that complaining gets you nowhere. You take responsibility for what you put out into the world. You know you are a conscious creator of your world.
  • You appreciate the value and generosity of the Academy, and that it offers more than any other membership site at this price. You get that it’s priced more affordably not because it is any less potent or valuable but because I want to share what I know with more people so that they can be empowered to create an amazing life + biz of their own.
  • You get that you are committing to the Academy without refund. You know it’s because I believe wholeheartedly in (and have the experience and testimonials to prove) that the resources in the Academy work powerfully when they are used and implemented. You know that the magic happens when YOU turn up to do the work. You know there are no excuses here for not moving forward with your life and business.

If I don’t resonate with you, that’s totally cool + groovy lovey. I so wish you the very best in finding a program or mentor that is a fabulous fit for you.

Because again… there’s a gazillion million other people out there. And if I’m not the right kind of rainbow unicorn fit for you, please for the love of badonkabonk, find someone who is.

I know I AM here for the peeps who dig the above guidelines/radical rules/juicy boundaries and love the shit out of it and thrive in that kind of atmosphere. I know I can help them see big ole huge miracles in their life and business. I’ve worked with enough amazing women over so many years to unequivocally know that my work gets results. It’s kinda nice to be able to stand back and say: Yeah, this ain’t no ego thang. This is just the evidence of what we’ve got from years of doing this work. For those who are ready to do the work and who resonate with me, fucktonnes of fantastic can be achieved.

Let’s go make our miracles happen!

High fives, group hugs + chai latte addiction,